The advantage of fully automatic poultry farming equipment used in farms

In recent years, the trend of poultry farming automation equipment has benefited from the quiet transformation in the poultry industry. In the transition from the traditional poultry industry to the modern poultry industry, the multi-storey cage facilities with high degree of automation play the role of the time and gradually reflect the farmers’ eyes. These automated poultry farming equipment, marked by increased productivity, meet the changing market needs.
Automation farming poultry cascading chicken cage covers an area of savings, reduce the land investment, large breeding per unit area, high mechanization degree, reduce the labor intensity, reduce the labor costs, hen-house environment can be artificially controlled and reduce the influence of external environment of chickens, and chicken manure can be processed in a timely manner, decrease pollution to the environment, etc.
Poultry production automation control equipment by adjusting the closed hen-house ventilation, excessive ventilation on lateral and longitudinal ventilation mode to improve the hen-house environment, make the oxygen inside the hen-house, carbon dioxide, ammonia, carbon monoxide concentration up to par, protect poultry health.
Poultry production automation equipment used in farms can realize automatic feeding, automatic manure removal , automatic words, timing, spray disinfection of drinking water, automated lighting control, temperature, humidity and ventilation, in the high cost of artificial market, can be a large amount of savings artificial, reduce labor intensity, improve the breeding benefit.
Poultry breeding automation is mainly manifested in varieties, breeding, production scale, epidemic prevention, and pollution treatment. Built on appropriate scale poultry farming automation, is to realize the poultry health cultivation, to ensure product quality and safety, ensure the effective supply and achieve the key to breeding ecology, environmental protection, is also an important way to speed up the transformation and upgrading of chicken industry, on the basis of the standardized production, product quality as the core, marketing innovation as the breakthrough, aimed at industry forefront, grasp the market demand, go the way of the brand, dislocation development, is to improve the production efficiency and the effective measure to guarantee profits, also realize animal husbandry insurance supply and practitioners’ income the important way to organic unity, is a traditional to a modern animal husbandry animal husbandry leap.