Poultry feeding equipment

Poultry feeding system is designed to effectively work with the poultry cage systems and distribute the feed throughout the poultry cages smoothly. The automatic poultry feeding system from Livi industry can be applied to many kinds of poultry cage systems to supply feed for chickens.

Livi automatic poultry feeding equipment is include two types: H type poultry feeding system and A type poultry feeding system. The poultry feeding systems from Livi industry are mainly composed of feed bin, feed hopper, drive unit, feed chain, feed trough and so on. The feeding equipment of poultry is available in a wide variety of sizes and types to make feed conversion greater.

A-type layer feeding system
H-type layer feeding system

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Automatic ladder type layer feeding equipment are scientifically designed, reasonable structure, durable, easy to operate. Farmers can simply press the button to complete the feeding operation, saving labor, centralized control, easy to prevent and control disease spread, and to extend the chicken laying period, is the ideal equipment of green ecological farming. Poultry farm feeding system is the ideal chicken battery cages system adopt hot galvanized steel, which is anti-corrosive and durable and can be used for about 15 – 20 years. The centralization of management can save energy and labor cost.

Broiler flat raise system
H-type broiler feeding system

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Features of poultry feeding system from livi industry:

1. The height of feeding system for poultry from can be changed with the chickens, in this way, the automatic poultry feeding system can reduce the waste of feed and save the costs.
2. Livi poultry feeding system possesses lower power consumption and requires less maintenance.
3. Livi poultry feeding systems mix the feed in the feed hopper and feed trough evenly and then distribute the feed evenly.
4. The poultry feeding system is easy at assembling and cleaning.

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