Do you Know How to Choice Batter Chicken Layer Cages For Sale?

Chicken layer cages are a popular form of laying hens at home and abroad. The reason is that the design of the chicken layer cages can provides a comfortable environment for the hens to play a better role in the feeding process and increase the egg production of laying hens.

The main advantage of the design of chicken layer cages for sale is in the front meshes, the cage door, the density of the cage feeding and the egg collecting system are more reflected in the interests of the chicken.

chicken layer cages

The front meshes design of the chicken layer cages is generally composed of vertical wire and a few horizontal wires. The cage wire gap is 5cm, and the cage door is generally 2-3 filaments, which are connected with the front mesh and open inward or outward. The chicken layer cages for sale in livi machinery. The wire mesh diameter is the excellent 3.0mm high-line Q235 high-line hardness cold drawn wire, which is much higher than the cold drawing hardness of 195 used in general factories. The elasticity of using it for more than ten years is still the same as the new one.

chicken layer cages for sale

At present, many small factories produce chicken battery cages in order to reduce costs and reduce the price of using inferior cold wire drawing. livi Machinery has always insisted on using Q235 international steel to ensure the service life of poultry farming equipment.

battery chicken layer cages

Most of customers purches livi chicken layer cages for sale as long * weight * high = 195m * 35m * 38m, three layers weighing 45KG. One cage have five doors and one door can hold three chickens. Customers can also choose the suitable chicken layer cages according to the conditions of their own chicken house, or send email to me, we will give you the most professional advice. Finally, thanks for you reading.