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Supplied with the advanced and the latest technologies, and the excellent design, Livi battery broiler cages can provide the hygienic environment and reduce the death rate of the broilers. Therefore, in our customers’ poultry farms, the use of in livi Industrial’ s battery broiler cages will inevitably lead to the greatest growth of broiler chickens and high-quality meat. The perfect environment of battery broilers cages in Livi industry can ensure more cycles of broilers per year, which means more profits for customers. Meanwhile, the high stocking density of broilers can save labor and resource significantly.

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Livi, the best broiler cages supplier in China. Generally, the battery broiler cages from Livi industry often are equipped with many poultry management systems, such as poultry feeding equipment, poultry drinking water equipment, egg collected, manure removal system and other poultry feeding system. which ensures broilers always have enough fresh water and feed in every compartment, and can effectively reduce the use of farm labor. The broiler cage system can be monitored clearly by poultry management system to know the rearing conditions of broilers. If necessary, customers using the battery broiler cages for sale can know the problems immediately and solve the problems as soon as possible.

The characteristics of the Livi broiler cages in the poultry farm:

1.The battery broiler cages in livi machinery contain A-Frame broiler cages and H-Frame stacked broiler cages, which can be designed in the standard size or according to the customers’ requirements.
2.Our battery broiler cages can high-density breeding and saving land is about 50% more than that of free-range.
3.Our broiler cages with higher automation, can saving the land resources, energy, labor cost, feed and reducing the cost of drug use. So, the broiler cages can increase the yield by 40%.
4.Centralized management saves energy and resources, reduces the incidence of avian diseases, unique cage door design, and effectively prevents the head and head of the chicken from moving up and down to waste fodder.
5.Livi broiler cages wire with galvanized steel is anti-corrosive, which prolongs the service life up to 15 years of the broiler cages and avoids the disease occurrence of broiler.

Broiler chicken cage specifications and models:


Type Model Birds Qty / Door Birds Qty / Set
A-Type 3-Tier 3-Door 7 pcs 126 pcs
4-Tier 3-Door 7 pcs 168 pcs
H-Type 3-Tier 2-Door 18 pcs 216 pcs
4-Tier 2-Door 19 pcs 304 pcs



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