Egg collecting equipment

The automatic egg collection system from Livi industry is designed to collect eggs gently and preserve the quality of the eggs, which can be applied to all poultry cages. Livi high quality automatic egg collection system with high performance, and can achieve efficient production. Now, livi egg collection system is widely be used all over the world.


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Characteristics of livi automatic egg collection system:

1. The egg collection belt is made by polypropylene yarn and is corrosion resistant and antibacterial, which ensures the belt a long service life. The center of the cross conveyor system is galvanized conveyor chain outsourced with plastic hose and two side chain has hardening treatment.
2. The automatic egg collection systems are especially applied to large poultry sheds. The poultry egg collection system collects eggs in different tiers of the poultry cage system simultaneously, which is a cost-effective solution to collect eggs.
3. Livi automatic egg collection system has an easy access to all cages of all tiers and only requires little space at the end of the poultry sheds.
4. The automatic egg collection systems are fully covered with egg collection belt, which prevents cracks and dirt accumulation on eggs and ensures better hatchability.
5. High production, variable speed control and significant saving of labor.
6. Low maintenance cost, longer service life and easy operations.


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