Environmental control equipment

The environment control systems are supplied by Livi industry to provide the optimal environment for the poultry cages. Because the right climate environment can be beneficial to the growth and health of chickens and save you costs for feed, water and energy. In order to remain high efficiency and great productivity, it is essential to provide the excellent environment control system. Livi industry can provide you the high quality environment control system.

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The advanced ventilation fan ensures an even climate in every poultry cage. This is a healthy climate for the growth of chickens throughout the entire production process, from day-old chick to mature birds. Of all investment in a poultry house, the best return is achieved from the investment of ventilation system. In summer, the temperature control and the humidity control of a poultry cage system are crucial. But in winter, the primary issue is to offer the adequate oxygen.

The cooling pad is made from a specially formulated cellulose paper impregnated with insoluble anti-rot salts and can offer your chickens a comfortable house climate even during extreme hot days. The panels can be installed against the wall or on the outside of the tunnel/non-wind hood structure. The higher the temperature and the lower the relative humidity, the better the cooling effect as the evaporation will take place more easily. The principle of the cooling pad: there is a thin water film on the waviness surface of cellulose paper. When heat air outside is inhaled through the cooling pad by exhaust fan, the moisture on the water film will absorb the heat and is vaporized into vapour, thus cool air will enter the house. Various sizes and dimensions of cooling pad can be produced for poultry cage system according to different requirements of customers.

Features of the poultry climate control system from livi industry:

1. The environment control system for poultry can improve the feed conversion and increase by about 10% of the growth speed.
2. It can make the chickens in the poultry cages have lower mortality and high uniformity.
3. Can function well in the drying of the manure, helping reduce a large percentage of the ammonia emission and costs associated with controlling flies.
4. It can improve comfort for chickens, increase energy efficiency and lower operating costs for our customers.
5. It can optimize control parameters inside the poultry cage system, which leads to better feed conversion and reduced energy consumption
6. High intensity structure, corrosive resistance, and long service life.

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