Poultry drinking water equipment

Poultry drinking systems are primarily designed to supply sufficient clean water for chickens. Livi industry is the professional supplier of poultry drinking system. Our poultry drinking system is suitable for various types of chickens, including broilers, layers & brooders. Because the drinking system for poultry is easy to clean and needs little maintenance,so livi poultry drinking system is widely be used.

Livi’s poultry drinking system includes the filter, the doser, the pressure regulator, and the drinker, which adopts the most advanced technology and excellent design. The poultry automatic drinking systems are the main water source of all chickens. What’s more, the poultry drinking system can add medicine or vitamins to the water to prevent chicken disease.

poultry drinking system

chicken drinking equipment

chicken drinking system

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Features of poultry drinking water equipment from livi industry:

1. Adopt the advanced nipple drinker with no leakage, which helps keep the poultry cage dry, so that can create a comfort and health environment of chickens.
2. Livi poultry drinking system is manufactured with Q235 International steel with strongly wear-resistance. And the service life of poultry drinking system of livi can up to 15~20 years.
3. Our poultry drinking system with high automated degree, can greatly saving labor force.



The Advantages of Layer Drinking Nipples:

Easy to clean with its special hinge system.

Ease of use and cleaning with high sensitivity.

Installation and removal easy cleaning, eliminates glue, bonding costs, use without washing, can reduce labor intensity.

High durability of the materials used for the import of high grade stainless steel, high wear-formaldehyde resin, used properly, can be used for 20 years.

Low water pressure, flow sciences, high practicality, precision CNC manufacturing.

Watertight, impermeable, water conservation, to ensure that manure drying, improve the survival rate of chicken and decreased maintenance cost.

Products of Livi Layer Chicken Cages:

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