Egg Washing System

The role of egg washing machine is to scrub the egg surface by mechanical means. Traditional eggs washing has many disadvantages, such as inefficiency, waste of labor, failing to meet health standards, etc. These shortcomings led to the profit margin of the egg industry is meager, slow development. Livi egg washing machine can involve these disadvantages, becoming more convenient and efficient.

egg washing machinery


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Introduction of poultry egg cleaning machine

Provided by Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd, egg washing machining can be fully automatic cleaning with features of  fast, clean, convenient, accurate, and electronic quality grading. Egg washing machine can arrange translucent test egg and spray  detergent  and warm water automatically. There are hot air drying system, microcomputer automatic monitoring capabilities to facilitate the modernization of enterprise management. It is necessary for clean egg processing enterprises, food processing enterprises and hatching industry to own this automated high-intensity models. We believe you will be gratified to see every clean eggs in your sight and this will indicate a good future for your poultry farming enterprise. Livi egg cleaning machine can wash hen eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, etc. This washing machine is widely used in bakery, eggs powder factory, liquid egg processing factories, food related with egg liquid factory, etc.


Livi egg washing series supplier is the best in China, and has world leading technology. We will continue to research and development new egg washing technology so that can meet all requires about customers.


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