Brooder cages

Baby chicken cage, used for raising baby chickens, easy to operate, suitable for large farmers poultry rearing, leave a clean raising environment.

As a crucial duration of layers, pullet should be treated as a key part. The most vital thing is to be prepared and ready to rear your pullet carefully, for the more you put your effort to the chicks raising system, the more you can rear your layers and broilers better. When you start your poultry farming business, ZhengZhou Livi Machinery Company would like to provide you low cost and good quality pullet chicken battery cage. The pullet chicken battery cage in Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd consists of cage rack, cage body, feed hopper, water channel and dropping board for chicks aged before 6 weeks. The electrostatic spaying material ensures the best quality, and the smooth surface guarantees the safe conditions.

Brooder cage is a kind of cage predominantly fabricated for raising chicks from 0-16 weeks. This kind of brooder cage is adopted advanced electrostatic spraying technology, which prevents baby chicks from hurting by brooder cage wire. At the same time, the electrostatic spraying process saves human labor and reduces labor costs. Therefore, the brooder cages in livi machinery have a long service life of 15 years. We can also use automatic brooder cage system to complete the general breeding works, for instance, adjusted watering system, automatic convey belt for chicken manure and smart environment control system. With these reasonable designs, this brooder cages can be an ideal and economical cage system for breeding baby chick.

A type brooder cages



Advantages of livi brooder cage:

1.The wire of our brooder cage is special handled by electrostatic spaying craft. According to using this craft, brooder cages have smooth surface and high brightness, so that can protect baby chicks from scratching by cage wire. Electrostatic spaying technique has moderate cost. To some degree, this technology saves man power and labor costs.
From an environmental point of view, our brooder cages specially also reduce infection rate of poultry disease. Brooder cages for sale have better anti-corrosion nature, so this brooder cage has long service life.
2. There is one set of adjustable automatic drinking system in brooder cages. This automatic watering system can satisfied the daily drinking demand of a hatchling. The adjustable system not only can saves water but also can keeps the inner cage dry.
3. We used advance smart environment control system to guarantee breeding works. This system of brooder cage keeps the room at a fixed temperature and comfortable, which increases the rate of survival and growth speed of baby chicks.


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