Grading Packing System

All designs of the Livi grading packing series are fully adapted to the growing needs of the egg processing industry. After a long period of unremitting collection of customer comments and needs, to carry out improvements and updates. We are born according to your needs, our egg grading packing equipment has a wide range of international markets. Unlike the traditional egg grading equipment, our egg grading packing equipment has a common mode system, you can design the right portfolio for individual circumstances.

Introduction of poultry egg grading packing machine

  1. This egg grading machine is specialized for grading eggs, no matter hen eggs, duck eggs or any other eggs.
  2. This egg grading machine makes the efficiency of putting egg by artificial to the extreme.
  3. It is flexible, accurate grading, reliable quality, easy to maintain.
  4. It is electro-classification on weights, convenient and accurate.
  5. It adopts professional design, strengthening all the parts, rich durability, easy, accurate classification.
  6. Small grader, smart and convenient for all levels of egg processing industries.

Before you use the egg grading machine, you should know how the egg grading machine works, first of all, eggs enter the egg grader via an infeed conveyor, where oversize, misshapen, cracked or dirty eggs can be removed; Second,  the egg grading machine uses electronic weighing units to weigh sizes grading the eggs and grade eggs into four different user defined sizes/weight classes (eg: S, M, L and XL). Then, most eggs are routed to the connected egg setting (packing) system; Last, non-hatching eggs are separated and routed automatically to the hand packing table for collection or optionally to another egg setting system, for separate incubation of various egg sizes.

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