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Chicken battery cage system

Livi Machinery is a reputed and professional poultry farming equipment manufacturer, including layer battery cages for sale, broiler battery cages price, breeder cages for sale and other automated poultry equipment for chicken farming. Our chicken cage mesh use international Q235 stainless steel to ensure smooth and not hurt chicken. All of the cages are made of automatic electrostatic spraying craft material to make sure the long time usage. Being one of the most reliable poultry farming equipment suppliers in China, Livi is devoted to producing various poultry cages to satisfied different customers’ demands.

chicken layer cages for sale

how to choose high quality battery cage for layers?

Committed to customer satisfaction, we offer a large range of poultry equipment products including chicken battery layer cages supplier , broiler battery cage equipment, chick brooder cage for sale, Automatic egg washing machine manufacturer, Egg Grading and Packing MachineAutomatic Egg peeling Machine, Poultry drinking water equipment,  Automatic poultry feeding machinepoultry manure removal equipmentautomatic egg collection equipment, Environmental control equipment for poultry and other related products for sale, which will meet and exceed your needs and expectations. All of the primary components of our products are manufactured in our specialized factory located in Henan, Zhengzhou, China.

Layer Cages

Chicken battery layer cages are a kind of poultry farming system for the laying chicken. Which is primarily for create ...
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Broiler Cages

Supplied with the advanced and the latest technologies, and the excellent design, Livi battery broiler cages can provide the hygienic ...
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Brooder cages

Baby chicken cage, used for raising baby chickens, easy to operate, suitable for large farmers poultry rearing, leave a clean ...
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Egg processing equipment

The chicken farming equipment of livi machinery has egg processing equipment. The processing of egg products requires cleaning, drying, inspection, identification, preservation, classification and packaging. New technologies such as egg processing and nondestructive testing are gradually applied and are now being developed in the direction of automation and digitization of egg products.

egg washing machinery

Egg Washing System

The role of egg washing machine is to scrub the egg surface by mechanical means. Traditional eggs washing has many ... Know More
Grading packing series

Grading Packing System

All designs of the Livi grading packing series are fully adapted to the growing needs of the egg processing industry ... Know More
The Egg Sheller Series

The Egg Sheller System

The characteristics of egg shell production line: 1. Livi egg sheller series is use special roller, not to break the ... Know More

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Poultry farming equipment supplier

Our poultry farming equipment not only can breeding chickens, but also has a complete system, including about poultry drinking water system, feeding system, manure removal system, egg collecting system, environmental control system, management system & other poultry farming system. Use our chicken farming equipment, can greatly reduce labor, even a chicken farming with tens of thousands of chickens may only need one or two people to take care of.

Poultry drinking systems are primarily designed to supply sufficient clean water for chickens. Livi industry is the professional supplier of ...
Poultry feeding system is designed to effectively work with the poultry cage systems and distribute the feed throughout the poultry ...
automatic poultry manure removal system
Poultry manure removal system is primarily used with the poultry cage system to dry and eliminate the poultry manure in ...
The environment control systems are supplied by Livi industry to provide the optimal environment for the poultry cages. Because the ...
automatic poultry egg collection system
The automatic egg collection system from Livi industry is designed to collect eggs gently and preserve the quality of the ...
poultry management system
Poultry Management System: Poultry management system is a modular system which manages all aspects of a poultry house: climate, temperature, ...

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