Poultry farming automation equipment manufacturer

Farmers in the process of using automatic poultry equipment, as are the chickens on the cage aquaculture, farmers can more convenient management of chickens, so in the hen house don’t need to make too much labor force that will give farmers also saves a lot of labor costs.
Chicken equipment is used in the process of raising chickens, the chicken group activity will be reduced greatly, feed energy consumption will also decreases, so that the feed conversion rate will be greatly improved, which can save lot of feed costs for farmers.
The characteristics of poultry farming automation equipment are as follows. Increase rate, the use of automated farming in poultry farming equipment, can provide a comfortable production environment for chickens, the use of automatic poultry equipment general chicken farm can improve the rate of 6-10%.
It is beneficial to the epidemic prevention, the use of the automatic poultry farming equipment to carry out the breeding, the poultry and the feces isolation, basically can control the coccidiosis, ascariasis, the disease, and so on, so as to improve the survival rate of poultry.
To create the ideal artificial micro-climate for factory production, such as ventilation ventilation, spray cooling, artificial lighting, etc. If supplemented with feed, it can achieve a balanced annual production.
Automatic egg collection system for poultry farming automation equipment can be quickly and efficiently transported to egg packaging or central egg storage for easy classification and packaging. Egg automatic collection system has the function of preventing the falling and breaking of eggs. the broken egg rate less than 0.2%.
Automatic feeding system in poultry farming automation equipment adopt the automatic control system, which can control the feed rate and walking speed of the feeder. The feeding mouth with uniform material device can ensure feed be sown evenly in the feed trough according to the setting of the feed, which can prevent the waste of feed.
For the automatic drinking system in poultry farming automation equipment , the water route connection is all sealed to avoid the contact with air and dust, ensuring clean water and preventing water pollution. The drinking nipple is designed with high sensitivity, which can ensure 360 degrees rotation.
The automatic manure removing system is equipped with two manure cleaning devices to ensure clean and pollution-free. The manure belt is made of high strength PP composite, which is resistant to friction and corrosion. It has long service life and is not easy to become deformed.
The environmental control system in poultry farming automation equipment monitors the chicken house environmental data in real time based on sensors such as temperature and humidity. It runs automatically by microcomputer integrated system control fans, wet screens and ventilation windows.
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