Some small knowledge that needs to be known to a poultry farm

At present, poultry market economic system reform continued to deepen, obvious changes have taken place in all walks of life are, poultry farming has been effectively adjust the industrial structure and optimization, a lot of single farmers farming into enterprise management mode, the farming scale expands unceasingly. But poultry is seriously influenced by disease in recent years, a lot of disease onset is sudden, and transmission speed, many adverse effects on the mass cultivation, so the clear characteristics of poultry diseases, and targeted to carry out effective prevention and control measures is very important.

If you raise both broiler chickens and egg chicken, you should adopt a “all-in、all out” feeding system, which means that the first batch of chickens will have to be fully processed when they arrive. Then the chicken coop, the chicken coop and all the utensils were thoroughly disinfected to prevent the remaining bacteria from causing disease to the next batch of poultry.
We know that farmers often put grass and ashes in their houses to keep them dry and absorb moisture. In fact, it’s not scientific. Because the poultry are lively, the grass ash will fly everywhere, causing injury to the poultry respiratory tract. In addition, the main component of grass ash is potassium carbonate, such as mixed with poultry dung, prone to chemical reaction, ammonia gas generation. Light can increase the respiratory secretion of poultry, stunted growth and development, and decreased egg production. The heavy can cause the laryngeal edema of the poultry, the occurrence of necrotic bronchitis, pulmonary hemorrhage and other acute diseases. When ventilation is bad in poultry houses, it is more harmful. Therefore, grass and wood ash should not be used in poultry houses. It is best to mix the soil with raw soil, hay or turf, and replace it frequently to keep the poultry house clean.
However, with the continuous development of science and technology and economy, most of the breeding methods adopted by farmers have been gradually developed to automation and modernization, and most of them are kept in cages. Flat feed should choose suitable bedding material, bedding material requirement is dry, no mildew change.