Supplier of poultry farming automation equipment

As the 21st century, people living standard rise, enjoy healthy and free from contamination of poultry products, it has become our life style and poultry farming industry, environmental protection standards for the poultry farming equipment is performed. The company in line with the spirit of being highly responsible for public health, developed in line with the green breeding poultry production automation equipment equipment, USES the pollution-free surface treatment technology, and according to the actual situation of farm product upgrade, is the first choice of the poultry farm large farms.
My company now can produce vertical brood cage for the user and poultry farming chicken cage, laying hens cage, broiler cages, male cages and other poultry farming automation equipment supplier, and to provide users with wet curtain, fan and other cooling equipment, can also custom make all kinds of mesh for the customer, and provide a variety of poultry drinking fountains, automatic feeding system, automatic manure removal system, etc. Developed with international advanced level of automatic feeding, night-soil, drinking water, egg collection system, the company has a number of technology, experienced technical staff, can provide customers farm location, hen house design entire journey service, for the poultry industry customers with a full set of automation equipment integration solutions to grow. We will make a contribution to poultry farming with excellent products and excellent after-sales service.
Poultry farming automation chicken cage can realize the increase in the Numbers of poultry breeding chicken coop. Compared with flat raise can be increased by 75% – 75%, which can realize manure and chicken the complete separation of the body. To reduce the infection rate and mortality of the chicken. Chicken growth environment, reduced the activity space of broilers. The consumption of energy and feed waste. Accelerated growth, facilitate the chicken group, as well as observation, to ensure that all chickens have enough place to drink and eat. At the same time to ensure the water supply and uniform for food, water and good for food can ensure the healthy growth of the chicken, the system operation is simple. Implement operation highly effective, aluminium zinc steel plate material slot, hard, wear-resisting, long service life, cooperate to use static plastic cage. Ensure the safety of the overall framework, solid, corrosion resistance, use for a long time not deformation, the design of the chute for cleaning, reduce the pollution of the feed rate, improve the feed conversion rate effectively.
Since the establishment of our company, we have always adhered to the principle of “good faith”, and in the good business ethics and modern management mode, we should make the time limit, control the quality, and constantly improve ourselves for development. Thanks to our excellent service and good reputation, we have won unanimous praise from our customers and trusted by customers from all over the world. We are willing to cooperate with poultry farmers to create a better tomorrow!