Modern poultry farming cascading poultry automation farming equipment

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Modern poultry farming cascading automatic farming equipment , through high technology investment to reduce the risk of farming, accelerate the standardization, intensification, large-scale farming. This product has broken the original traditional pattern, cage was buckles on the scaffold, bearing force of pressure in the bracket above, coop will not appear bending deformation phenomenon, breeding has greatly increased, effectively improve the poultry productivity.
The modern cage door design reduces the damage to the chicken wing in the process of catching chicken, reduces the cost of artificial chicken, and improves the efficiency of chicken.
Simple and easy to operate automatic drinking water equipment, improve the chicken’s drinking water posture, let the poultry do not touch the water nipples easily, reduce the drip phenomenon, guaranteed the poultry excrement dry.

battery chicken cage for sale in Zimbabwe
High precision automatic poultry drinking water equipment selection of quality cone valve type drinking fountains, advantages as easy flushing plug, water pipe for the PVC material, to the health of the poultry offers great ensure.
The cage net of poultry farming chicken cages is made of steel wire Q235 material. After welding, it can be treated with hot zinc treatment, and the service life is 10-15 years.
What we need to know is that the cascading automated chicken coop must be a flat belt manure removal equipment. When I saw some articles written here, it was said that use dung scraper, and I laughed. If it was so, I would use some kind of automatic farming equipment, and it would to use artificial breeding.

chiciken cage and automaticfeeding system in poultry farm
Belt manure removal equipment has two kinds of conveyor belt, is a kind of pure plastic, is a kind of canvas, above the brush a layer of plastic, the former cheap which is expensive, not expensive, probably around 5 yuan, but the latter’s quality is much better than the former. So how do you choose?
The flat belt cleaning machine is carried by a transmission to bring the chicken excrement, the most afraid of is the flat belt running deviation, as long as one run off, that basically destroyed, so must look for to have the anti – run partial system of the manufacturer is good. Laminated chicken coop needs a layer of conveyor belt, so pay more attention to flat belt running deviation.

automatic poultry manure removal system
We provide the poultry farming is a complete set of equipment with high quality steel using laser cutting CNC bending forming, greatly improves the precision of products, guarantee the service life of the product, improve the benefit of farmers.