The advantage of poultry farming automation equipment

Poultry production automation equipment including the coop, feeding equipment, manure removal equipment, eggs collection equipment, ventilation and cooling equipment, drinking water equipment, etc., these devices can be automatically help farmers to realize manual control of the micro-climate inside the hen house, to minimize the interference of external environment of chicken, do all the year round balanced production, greatly reduces the labor costs, but also save a lot of other economic costs. Especially using cascading poultry equipment is a popular chicken, chicken industry in recent years with the development of science and technology changes with each passing day, more and more using the modern chicken farms equipment.layer battery chicken cage and broiler battery chicken cage
Using breeding poultry production automation equipment can effectively improve the labor productivity, save feed, mechanized poultry equipment feeder for chickens fed work efficiency is high, the effect is good, feed difficult scatters on the ground, than to the feeder with artificial material saving feed.
And it could improve the rate, the use of automation of breeding hens breeding equipment, can provide a comfortable production environment for laying hens, the use of mechanized poultry equipment general breeding laying hens farm can improve the rate of 6-10%. In addition, it is beneficial to the poultry epidemic prevention, adopting the cage farming method, and the chicken and feces isolation, basically can control the coccidiosis, ascariasis, leucosis, and so on, so as to improve the survival rate. To create the ideal artificial micro-climate for factory production, such as ventilation ventilation, spray cooling, artificial lighting, etc. If supplemented with feed, it can achieve a balanced annual production. Use chicken the ventilation cooling equipment in the modern equipment can effectively control the temperature of the hen-house and keep the hen house air, manual control more can grow to chickens a comfortable production environment, make the chickens in a comfortable environment for a long time to grow.
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