The main types of poultry raising automatic laying hens equipment of introduction

Automation poultry farming equipment for people now, early is not something new, now our life has a lot of automation equipment to help with the work, including the now chicken, chicken industry in recent years vigorously support has been developing rapidly in our country, there are many poultry equipment automation, allows users to realize automation of breeding hens, so want to realize automatic laying hens breeding need what equipment?
Automatic laying hens breeding needs the main equipment are: laying hens cages, automatic manure removal equipment, automated egg collection system, automatic feeder, automatic drinking water that several, the following will introduce their work characteristics.
In recent years, farmers breeding laying hens mostly adopted the way of caged, can make full of the hen house area to use, breeding laying hens caged equipment was called laying hens cage, cage is divided into layers are cascading and step-wise cage layers are of two types, the use of laying hens cage aquaculture laying hens can keep more than three times more than the flat, the number of layers and layers of chickens in the cage, and limitations with more convenient for farmers to its management. Our company’s production of automatic laminated egg chicken wire mesh part of the whole hot galvanized surface treatment, zinc layer thickness of about 400 m, anti-corrosion effect is general galvanized silk screen 3-4 times; The entire portal is a sliding grille that can be easily opened, making the transfer and transfer of poultry easier and more humane.
Automation manure removal equipment name we can know that the equipment is used for night-soil, is a very representative of the automation equipment central Africa, can realize automatic cleaning hen-house excrement and urine, feces if cleaning not in time will easily cause the hen-house a large amount of harmful gases such as ammonia impact the health and production of chickens, using automatic manure removal equipment can automatic manure removal , thus ensuring the hen-house environment, greatly reduce the labor intensity and gave the crowd a good air environment.

automatic feeding equipment

Using the way of poultry farming caged users, in particular, automatic feeding equipment is indispensable equipment, multi-layer caged farmers if artificial feeding, not only time-consuming, but also to grasp the bad quantity, reach the upper chickens likely to lead to chickens nutrition disequilibrium, laying hens chickens uniformity is bad, automatic feeding machine can realize multi-layer aquaculture feed, timing quantitative, not committed himself to farmers, the efficiency is very high, and can reduce the cost of farmers hire labor for feeding, feeding machine have special device can ensure uniform feed can be scattered to the material tank, avoid waste.
Automation egg collection equipment is used to collect eggs equipment, laborious to replaced manual pick up eggs, improve working efficiency, also can adjust according to need, to avoid the damage to the egg, my company set in the middle of the protective device of egg egg system can reduce the broken egg rate, reduce the contact between people and chicken, the biggest may reduce the chance of cross infection, maximum limit save time cost and labor cost, improve the economic benefit.
These are the characteristics of the equipment and equipment needed to automate the laying of the eggs. We are an excellent poultry farming equipment manufacturer and supplier with advanced and complete production lines as well as strong R & D technical team. Our products are exported all over the world and we have designed and manufactured poultry breeding equipment to meet the needs of our customers one after another. Reduce the investment risk of customers, so that customers in the shortest possible time to obtain high-yield, highly praised by customers.