In-depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of broiler farming

Net bed flat rearing:

It is suitable for breeding high-quality broilers about 5 weeks old. Breed in the brooding house before 5 weeks of age. Then began to transfer to the net bed flat rearing. Can make full use of brooding equipment and chicken farm equipment to facilitate the later development of chicks. The equipment for horizontal raising on the net is to lay a plastic mesh 55 cm above the ground in the chicken house. The bottom is usually made of wooden or bamboo fences. Let the chicken manure fall under the net, and then manually clean the manure. This can avoid the infection of digestive tract diseases. It has a great effect on the prevention of coccidiosis. The disadvantage is that the equipment cost is high, and it is difficult to manually clean the chicken manure.



broiler chicken equipment :

In recent years, caged broiler chickens have slowly shown an upward trend. There are many standards for chicken coops currently on the market. It can be roughly divided into overlapping type and stepped type, with 3 to 4 layers. Some chicken farmers use self-denial cages. The use of cages can effectively increase the space of the chicken house. Because the chickens are restricted from moving in the cage. Basically, there is no competition for food, and the development will be better. The overall feed waste rate has also dropped by about 5%. Costs have also dropped by 4% to 8%. Due to the cage structure, the chicken manure directly falls on the conveyor belt type manure cleaner. It can effectively control the onset of pullorum disease and coccidiosis. This is equivalent to reducing a large part of the risk. The shortcoming of broiler cages now is that due to the small range of motion, breast cysts and leg diseases will occur in some broilers. It is necessary to observe frequently to avoid similar situations!

On the ground:

The demand for chicken coops is low. Lay 6-12 cm plastic mesh on the floor of the chicken house. Manual cleaning is required on a regular basis. Or use 15 cm thick mesh and replace it once a cycle. Dirt ground can also be used as the floor of the chicken house. The advantages of ground-level breeding are simple equipment, low cost, low incidence of chest cysts and leg diseases, but the disadvantages are that it is more troublesome and requires frequent replacement of gaskets, covers a large area, and wastes more feed, which will increase broilers to a certain extent. Increase the risk of infectious diseases.