ISO9001 Layer Cage System for 50000 birds in automatic poultry farm

In the vigorous development of the modern breeding industry, automated chicken farms have become an important driving force leading industrial transformation. When you are faced with how to provide the best breeding environment for 50,000 laying hens, the ISO9001 certified layer cage system will be your best choice.

50,000 birds with ISO9001 layer cage system

Why choose ISO9001 Layer Cage System to raise 50,000 chickens?

ISO9001 certification is the most recognized quality management system certification in the world, which ensures that products meet international standards in production, design, service and other links. Choosing the ISO9001 layer cage system means that you provide 50,000 chickens with strictly verified high-quality equipment, thus ensuring the stability and success of farming.

ISO9001 Layer Cage System is not only a set of equipment, but also an intelligent farming solution. With smart sensors, automatic feeding systems and environmental monitoring equipment, you can get real-time information on the health status of chickens, feed consumption and environmental parameters. This provides you with comprehensive data support, allowing you to make accurate management decisions based on data to maximize production and profitability.

The breeding of 50,000 chickens requires a lot of labor input, but choosing an ISO9001 certified layer hen cage system can greatly reduce this cost. Intelligent equipment reduces manual daily operations, and you can use human resources for more critical management links to improve farming efficiency.

ISO9001 layer cage system price for 50000 chickens

An ISO9001 layer cage system is not just an investment, but a commitment to high-quality production. While its price may be relatively high, it’s a solid investment that can provide a stable, productive environment for 50,000 chickens.

When pursuing high-quality, intelligent farming solutions, LIVI poultry farming equipment is undoubtedly your best choice. As a leading poultry equipment supplier, LIVI provides you with a solid backing to realize the goal of intelligent poultry farming with its professional technology, excellent quality and considerate after-sales service.

ISO9001 layer cage system to raise 50,000 chickens may require a large investment in price, but in the long run, it is a wise decision with stable economic benefits and environmental protection value. With the support of LIVI poultry farming equipment, you will be able to enter a new era of intelligent, efficient and sustainable farming. When choosing the ISO9001 certified laying hen cage system, you not only choose a piece of equipment, but also choose the leader of the future breeding industry.

Specifications of ISO9001 Layer Cage System

The specifications of the layer cage system include the size information such as the length, width, and height of the cage. The size of cages of different specifications will be adjusted according to the size of the chicken farm, the number of chickens and other factors. At the same time, the system supports different cage designs, such as shelf type, staircase type, etc., to meet different breeding needs.

As a leader in the industry, LIVI Poultry Farming Equipment not only provides stacked layer cages of various specifications, but is also committed to providing customers with customized chicken cage services. No matter what size you need to accommodate different bird numbers, LIVI can provide you with a practical solution.

Plan to cover 50,000 birds with ISO9001 layer cage system

Developing a plan for 50,000 birds requires consideration of several factors, including house size, cage type, equipment configuration, and more.

Option 1: 50,000 birds in one house, using H-type layer cages

Poultry house size: 110m*12m*4.5m

Cage configuration: H-type layer cage: 4 rows, 5 layers, 240/group

A total of 52 groups/units, a total of 49920 pieces.

In this plan, you will configure H-type layer cages in a large poultry house to meet the breeding needs of 50,000 birds.

Scheme 2: Two 50,000 chicken houses, A-type and H-type battery cages

If you decide to split into two homes, there are different types of battery cages to consider:

One building uses A type battery cages, which are suitable for situations that require manual or semi-automatic operations.

The other building uses H-type battery cages, which is suitable for larger-scale farming that wants to achieve a higher degree of automation.

This approach allows you to balance the degree of automation and the way you operate according to your actual needs.

Option 3: Manual cage or semi-automatic layer cage, choose A-type layer cage

If you want to use manual or semi-automatic methods, you can choose A-type layer cages. This type of cage can be more flexibly adapted to different operational needs.

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