Nigeria 23520 Birds Battery Broiler Cage Project

In the field of poultry farming, the introduction of automation technology is gradually changing the traditional farming methods, bringing farmers a more efficient and sustainable farming model. Recently, LIVI poultry equipment manufacturers successfully delivered 98 sets of battery broiler cages to Nigeria, injecting new vitality into the local farming industry. This initiative not only brings opportunities to the poultry farming industry in Nigeria, but also provides farmers with the idea of using automated poultry equipment to carry out more efficient poultry farming.

Details of Project 23520 in Nigeria

The automatic broiler cage production project created by livi poultry equipment manufacturers has achieved remarkable results. Our team carefully transported 98 sets of battery broiler cages. These advanced equipment will bring revolutionary changes to the poultry farming industry in Nigeria. The customer chose the 5-tier broiler chicken cages wisely, providing them with a superior feeding environment, which can hold 23520 chickens in total, which means greater output and benefits.

Customer Service and Solutions

Our close cooperation with our customers was the key to the success of this project. Livi poultry equipment manufacturer adheres to the principle of “service first” and has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by customers. We not only discussed the details of battery broiler cages with customers, but also provided practical solutions for chicken house construction and chicken cage installation. We designed efficient chicken houses for customers free of charge, and personally dispatched experienced installation managers to ensure that the broiler chicken cages installation process is smooth and hassle-free. This series of thoughtful service measures reflects the sincere response of livi poultry equipment manufacturers to customer concerns.

Feedback from customers on livi poultry equipment manufacturers

Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation and glory. The Nigerian customer was full of praise for the layer cages and services of livi poultry equipment manufacturer. He was not only satisfied with the successful completion of the project, but also said that he would recommend us to more Nigerian friends. This word-of-mouth communication will undoubtedly have a wide impact on the Nigerian farming industry, encouraging more farmers to choose our automated poultry equipment to achieve sustainable development of the farming industry.

Autumn is the golden season for raising layers, chicks and broilers, and it is also the best time to start a chicken farm. For those who want to enter the field of poultry farming but do not know where to start, livi poultry equipment manufacturers will wholeheartedly provide professional advice and support. Whether it is equipment selection, breeding management or marketing, we will go all out to help farmers create a better future for farming.


With the introduction of automatic poultry equipment, livi poultry equipment manufacturers have opened up a new development space for the poultry farming industry in Nigeria. The successful cooperation in the project not only demonstrates our leading position in the industry, but also helps Nigerian farmers achieve efficient and sustainable farming models. Our goal is not only commercial success, but also a practitioner who contributes to the friendship between China and Nepal. Whether it is now or in the future, livi poultry equipment manufacturers will work closely with Nigerian farmers to write a brilliant chapter in the field of poultry farming.