Correct use of broiler farming equipment

Nowadays, many breeding equipment are becoming more and more advanced. Various types of breeding equipment have replaced labor to complete a lot of environmental management and breeding work. It has also led the chicken industry to an intensive and large-scale breeding road. What are the correct methods to use broiler farming equipment?

1. Build a chicken house: The chicken house that uses broiler feeding equipment to raise chickens is different from the different open chicken houses in the past. The chicken coop that uses broiler feeding equipment to raise chickens should be closed. Then the environmental control of the chicken house needs to use breeding equipment to realize the adjustment. Such a chicken house can not be affected by the external weather and environment. Keep the chickens in a comfortable environment. Can allow farmers to obtain better benefits.

2. choose reliable quality chicken fry: when the farmers choose chicken fry. The health and quality of chicks are related to the survival rate of the flock. It can also determine the quality of adult chickens, which directly affects benefits. Therefore, farmers must strictly control the quality when purchasing chicken fry. Don’t be greedy to buy chicken fry with disease at a cheap price.


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3. choose the right broiler feeding equipment: When choosing broiler feeding equipment, farmers need to choose the number of chickens they raise. And their actual situation to choose reasonable breeding equipment. There are many types of breeding equipment, and different equipment has different functions. Generally, the equipment that farmers often choose are: egg broiler cages, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, manure cleaning equipment, egg picking equipment, and fan wet curtains.


4. Carrying out scientific breeding: During the process of broiler breeding and management, the breeder should carry out the broiler’s growth stage. Generally, the broiler will be divided into three growth stages, so the breeder should adjust the feeding points according to these three different stages. As well as the nutrient ratio and content of the feed, it must be fed scientifically to meet the growth needs and standards of the broiler, so that it can grow and develop healthily.


5. Regular disinfection of chicken coops: There will be many pathogenic microorganisms in chicken coops. Regular and reasonable disinfection can eliminate pathogenic microorganisms in chicken coops and reduce the risk of chicken infection. It is also an effective measure to prevent diseases. Farmers should disinfect regularly. , The chicken house should be cleaned before disinfection. In addition, the farmers should conduct thorough disinfection after the broiler flocks are released to prevent residual pathogenic microorganisms from affecting the health of the next batch of flocks.


6. Do a good job of immunization: In order to avoid the occurrence of diseases, immunization is a must. Moreover, the use of breeding equipment to raise chickens is dense and large, so immunization must be carried out to prevent the occurrence of infectious diseases and affect The chicken flock is healthy, and the cost and economic benefits of the farmers are lost.