Commercial Chicken Cage with Automated System in Layer Hen Farm

As battery cage manufacturers, it is critical to provide commercial chicken cages for poultry farmers to shelter their poultry. Let your birds grow and perform at their best. Automated poultry equipment allows optimal control and is suitable for all broilers, layers, chicks.

What is Battery Cage System for Layer?

The battery cage system is specially designed for intensive poultry farming projects. The whole system includes automatic feeding equipment, automatic drinking water equipment, automatic egg collecting equipment, automatic manure cleaning equipment, automatic lighting system, and automatic management equipment.

Up to 50,000 birds can be raised per house with battery layer cage equipment. The automated system makes poultry farming simple and reduces labor costs. For a project of 50,000 laying hens, only one person is required for daily management.

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poultry farming equipment battery chicken cage system

Chicken Farm for Layer Battery Cages

  1. When your chicken farmis facing the challenge of lack of space, the battery egg cage is your best choice. Even if your farm is small, chicken cages can increase stocking density. With the help of cages, the number of poultry farming can be increased by at least 3 times.
  2. Excellent rearing conditions not only allow poultry to perform at their best, but also bring profits faster. Poultry battery for egg production can adjust the temperature and humidity of the chicken house, the environment, not only the healthy growth of poultry but also reduce pathogens. Chicken breeding equipment makes it possible to automate drinking water, manure cleaning, feeding, and environmental control. And the collection of eggs can be automatic, reducing the rate of broken eggs and the employment of personnel. Poultry cages can be more profitable for your farm when properly managed.
  3. Poultry prevalence decreased. Chickens living in chicken poultry cages cannot move around, reducing the chance of getting sick due to interactions between poultry. In addition, the disease transmission rate is reduce, and poultry farmers have enough time to cope. In addition, with the use of automated manure removal equipment, chickens cannot access manure, improving house hygiene and reducing the spread of diseases in the flock.

Affordable Layer Cages For sale in Zimbabwe

For poultry farmers who are more willing to develop large-scale poultry farming, poultry equipment chicken cages are quite affordable. Battery cages are less expensive and efficient.

In addition to having an affordable price, the battery layer cage is also durable. We use high quality Q235 international steel wire rod and hot dip galvanizing process, which can prevent rust and can be used for 20 years. Layers, broilers, and chicks can all be used.

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