Do Nigerian farmers understand broiler equipment to raise chickens?

Do Nigerian farmers understand broiler equipment to raise chickens? Many farms do not know much about equipment and poultry broiler cages. So what are the characteristics and detailed structure?


When buying broiler cages in Nigeria. Many farmers will ignore small problems. In the past, broilers were raised freely. Later, broiler cages were gradually used for breeding. Broiler cages are generally used in vertical broiler cages. Vertical broiler cages are generally divided into three layers. It is more suitable because the height of the three layers is about 1.5 meters high, which is just suitable for people to use. This height is more convenient for raising and slaughter.

This kind of chicken coop has one feces per layer. The manure can be taken out of the chicken coop in time. This will ensure a good environment in the chicken house. It is more convenient to have this kind of chicken cage. It is easy to manage, and the chicken grows well. Therefore, more and more breeding will transform this kind of chicken coop. From the appearance of the chicken coop, it is very simple and intuitive, because in addition to the horizontal wire, it is the vertical wire. In fact, it is not. Don’t look at such a simple chicken coop, but the manufacturing process requires many processes.




1. Material selection: It does not mean that as long as it is steel, steel is also superior. Many steels have poor elasticity and will break if they cannot be pulled twice. Therefore, our chicken coops are all made of Q235A steel.


2. Wire drawing: equipment of Liwei Machinery. For example, the layer cage. The wire of the cage must be pulled out seven times. Poor quality steel will break if it is pulled three times. Slow work and careful work, and then also ensure the quality of the chicken coop.


3. Spot welding: Now the processing technology of chicken cages is also constantly improving, so many chicken cage factories have also purchased equipment to speed up the production of chicken cages, for example: row welding machine. The implementers know that the machine is also simply wrong, and once the error is not found, it will cause more trouble to the chicken farmers. This also affects the increase in labor costs.


4. Galvanizing: Many cages will lose zinc after galvanizing, so our chicken cage factory chooses acid-base double-layer galvanizing. Although the brightness after galvanizing is not good compared with other galvanizing methods, But the service life is more than eight years is not a problem.5. Equipment: The equipment of the chicken cage not only requires equipment, but also equipment talents who understand technology.


A good broiler cage is better than a bad cage in all aspects. When choosing a cage, we must choose a reasonable price and also pay attention to the quality of the cage. Assuming that the cage we buy is better, it will be better for raising chickens. Successfully lay a solid foundation.