Excellent poultry farming automation broiler farming equipment

With the constant improvement of the poultry farming automatic equipment intensive degree and raise scale is getting bigger and bigger, increasing competition, the quality of product requirements are constantly improve, per a poultry unit benefit is very small, so on management excellence, we recognize the production performance of each lift one percent concerns the survival of our poultry farming, the size required more to get the size of the benefit at the same time, through environmental control to improve the production performance, produced great economic benefits.
There are several advantages of the ladder type broiler breeding equipment for poultry farming. First of all, it is widely used in the cleaning of poultry droppings, which are widely used in cage and net bed.
Secondly, the design of terraced broiler breeding equipment is reasonable in structure, easy to use, easy to install and easy to operate.
Then, the operation is smooth, the noise is low, the excrement is not easy to overflow and remain.
Finally, the defecation plate of the stepped broiler breeding equipment is hot galvanized sheet, which can be automatically collected and released, with little friction and clean manure. A main engine can run 1-3 clear dung boards, and the fecal plates can be customized according to the width of the dung groove. To make the poultry raising step type broiler breeding equipment adopt the Angle wheel of double bearing to ensure that it will not incline during the operation, so as to ensure the normal operation of the traction rope.
Our company has the first-class professional mechanical design engineer, the perfect quality management system, the high-quality staff team, the fine machinery processing and the detection equipment. Production per poultry farming automation broiler farming equipment and spare parts have been scientific design, elaborate, strict inspection, after years of unremitting efforts, innovation technology absorbing advanced experience makes our products reasonable structure, reliable in performance. It is an excellent choice of large-scale, intensive and automatic development of large and medium-sized chicken farmers.