Chicken house standardization construction

Life habits of chickens

Chickens are very sensitive to light: chicken houses stop eating without light

1. Chickens are easily frightened and have poor resistance to enemies: sudden abnormal sounds inside and outside the house or cats, rats, snakes and other objects in the house
2. It is very easy to cause “stress response” of chickens, so keep a quiet feeding environment
3. Many diseases: the disease rate of chicken is higher than other poultry
4. Fear of moisture: chickens are suitable for living in a dry and ventilated environment. Humid environment can cause chickens to cause disease

Which places are not suitable for raising chickens

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Poorly ventilated and humid places are not suitable for raising chickens

1. Poorly ventilated and humid places are likely to cause excessive carbon dioxide concentration, leading to the death of the chicken and the spread of disease

2. Both the mesh and bottom net have encryption, which can effectively prevent feather pecking and nose pecking and laying chicken fatigue syndrome.

3. The farm is simple and poor in feeding conditions.Heat insulation, poor insulation conditions.Chickens will be in a state of stress for a long time, resulting in poor physique, low resistance.

Standard chicken house design

Reference design drawing of standard chicken shed

1. The height of the surrounding wall of the chicken shed is: 2.4m

2. Scaffold height from the ground: 0.8m

3. The height of the window from the ground: 1m

4. The height of the fan from the ground: 1m

5. The total area of the wet curtain is at least 1.5 times the cross-sectional area below the roof of the chicken house

The location and structure of chicken shed

Construction scheme of semi-open chicken shed

1. Site selection in existing orchards and forests is beneficial to the biological safety of chicken farms and saves the cost of feed and manure disposal

2. In actual production, chicken manure can be used in orchards and planted after treatment. Meet the requirements of circular agriculture.

3. The chicken coop is semi-open and has a brick-concrete structure. Length 65m, width 12m, construction area 780m2.

4. Install 90 groups of 4-layer step-layer laying hen cages in each chicken house, each group raises 120 laying hens, a total of 10800