Poultry farming equipment manufacturers tell you the commonly use feeds for chickens

Do farmers who use poultry farming equipment to raise chickens know what feeds are commonly used to raise chickens? Next, the farming equipment manufacturer tells you the commonly use feed for raising chickens.

The first is protein feed. Animal protein feeds such as fish meal, meat meal, crab meal, egg yolk meal, blood meal, silkworm pupa meal, feather meal, small fish and shrimp, etc. are all such feeds. This type of feed has a high crude protein content and good quality, and should be fully utilized according to the specific conditions of each region.



Vegetable protein feeds, beans and seed cakes (oil meal), such as soybeans, peas, bean cakes, peanut cakes, cottonseed cakes, etc. are all of this type of feed. Chickens are kept in chicken coops. This type of feed has higher crude protein content and better quality. It should be used in combination with animal protein feed in chicken feed. All plant-based proteins

The second point is carbohydrate feed. Including cereals (such as corn, sorghum, barley, wheat, etc.), bran (such as wheat bran, rice bran, etc.) and potatoes. The main ingredient is carbohydrates. Commonly used mineral feeds are bone meal, shell meal, eggshell meal, calcium carbonate, table salt and so on.


According to the needs of chickens, various vitamins, minerals, growth-promoting drugs, antioxidants, and drugs for prevention and treatment of pullorum and coccidiosis are mixed in a certain proportion. Add them to the mixed feed, called additives. It can ensure the normal growth and development of chickens and obtain maximum productivity. At present, there are many kinds of feed additives produced. The content of various vitamins and minerals is different, and the effect is also different. You can choose to use them according to the specific conditions of each region.