Benefits of using battery cage system in farms

The battery cage system is now being promoted. So what are the benefits of using battery cage systems in farms for farmers?

The first is to maximize space. Because a battery cage system can hold at least 96 chickens. The size of each chicken coop is also different. It can be done according to the requirements of farmers. With proper space management, lowering the cost of purchasing medicines, feed management and reducing labor, the cage provides a high return on investment.




Due to the use of battery cage system chicken cages. So it will reduce costs. Increase the egg production rate of laying hens. And because the chickens are kept in the laying cages. The activity limit saves energy.And reduce the risk of infection.


The automatic chicken manure removal system cleans the manure, and the chicken cannot directly contact the manure, which means that the risk of infection is greatly reduced and the cost of medicine is reduced. Most chicken diseases are caused by lack of hygiene when cleaning utensils. With the chicken cage system, the water is controlled, thereby reducing the risk of contamination.

In the battery cage system, the eggs will not come into direct contact with the chickens. So the broken egg rate will also decrease. Due to the use of automatic feeding equipment. Therefore, it is much easier to feed and water the chickens, and there is no waste. And farmers can also relax without pressure.