How to maintain the fully automatic chicken raising equipment in the farm?

How to maintain the fully automatic chicken raising equipment in the farm? Presumably this is one of the problems of many farmers. It should be understood that in contrast to traditional stepped layer breeding machinery and equipment, automated technology chicken breeding equipment belongs to a new type of animal husbandry breeding special feed processing plant machinery and equipment, which can be divided into two types: stacked and stepped.


The production process of the egg picking system in the automated technology chicken raising equipment is not complicated. Most of them can control 30,000 to 40,000 chicken farming equipment in chicken sheds when applied. Maintenance is also more convenient. When the basket loading rate in large and medium-sized chicken sheds cannot keep up, you can immediately press the pause button of the electrical control cabinet.


The key difference between stacked and stepped chicken breeding equipment depends on the difference of the manure removal system. The vertical manure cleaner must be cleaned once a day. Since the manure removal belt and the drive system motor cannot be in a long-term load operation state for a long time; the horizontal manure removal machine must be turned off before the operation, and the maintenance and application need to ensure that the two systems are not available. Apply separately.


The feeding system of the automatic technology chicken raising equipment is mainly driven by the speed reducer and the traction belt to drive the feeding. The maintenance method and the method of the manure cleaner are not prone to major problems when applied. Just pay attention to the relevant application steps during daily application to ensure all normal applications of machinery and equipment.