Why battery chicken cage are so popular in Ghana

Most farmers will choose to use battery chicken cages to raise chickens. Why are battery chicken cage so popular? Next, I will explain to everyone

We all know that chickens on large-scale farms are raised in poultry farming battery cages. Because this will liberate the workers. Improve efficiency. Especially some farmers in Ghana. But what kind of battery chicken equipment is of good quality and what kind of cage is cheap are often the biggest obstacles faced by chicken farmers. In fact, the price of chicken coops does not only consider the price, but the overall price after consideration.


The number of chickens raised per unit area far exceeds that of flat rearing, which can increase the amount of feeding by 50% to 100%; the chicken coop can also completely isolate the chicken manure from the chicken body, and can directly fall to the ground, so that the dust in the chicken house is greatly reduced. There are fewer chances of infection, and the mortality rate of chickens is greatly reduced. The chicken manure is cleaned up in layers, it is easy to collect and centrally process, the utilization rate of chicken manure is high, and the pollution to the environment is minimal.




Livi’s tier battery chicken cage has a standard and special layout. Moreover, the main purpose of layer cage design is to provide a comfortable environment for layer hens. In the process of poultry breeding, the main advantages of layer cage design are mainly reflected in the front net, cage door, breeding density and angle of eggs.


The A-layer battery chicken cage has simple structure, convenient maintenance and operation, low investment cost, and fast income. At the same time, this kind of chicken house has high selectivity for its automation equipment. According to different needs, you can choose different cages, and customers can also choose poultry layer cages according to their needs.


The Livi-layer battery cage is made of Q235 steel hot-dip galvanizing, with scientific design, reasonable egg-out angle, and low egg-breaking rate. It has passed the ISO9001 quality certification system and is trusted by customers. According to your order, our factory can provide 3-8 decks. If you have any questions, please contact us, sincerely welcome you to our factory!