Delivering 168 sets layer chicken cage for 20160pcs birds to Nigeria

Dated on 17th,September, 2020, 168 sets A type 4-tier 5-door layer chicken cage were loaded from our factory. These goods will be shipped to Nigeria from Qingdao port, China with container and placed in one chicken house, respectively.

The chicken house layout as bellow: 92m*8m*3.5m

Customer appreciate our service and products, and also inform us that they will process the automatic poultry machine in further future. 

Take pictures of delivery site

The photo is 4-tier 5-door layer chicken cages, each door can hold 3pcs birds, each set can hold 120pcs birds. The customer ordered a fully automated layer chicken cage. We also have semi-automatic poultry farming equipment and manual poultry farming equipment for customers to choose from.