Modern Poultry Equipment Prices in South Africa

Brief introduction of poultry equipment:
1. The full set of poultry farming equipment using hot-dip galvanized material, corrosion-resistant, which ensures the service life of 15-20 years.
2. Our poultry farming equipment with Intensive management and automated control. Achieve automatic poultry drinking water system, feeding system, manure removal system, egg collecting system, environmental control system, management system & other poultry farming system. So that can help to improve working efficiency and save labor cost.
3. High-density raising,saves land and investment.
4. Suitable for closed chicken house. Automatic control of ventilation and temperature can meet the requirement of the birds.

Livi machinery, which is the reputed and professional poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier all over the world especially in South Africa, most of the poultry farming equipment exported from China to South Africa comes from livi machinery and we have chicken farming projects specifically for South Africa.

modern poultry equipment in South Africa

Every year, we hold a lot of exhibitions of poultry farming equipment in South Africa. Every time we hold a meeting, Livi’ s booth is always a lot of people to consult and visit. Our poultry farming equipment is made of international top technology and materials, which is practical and convenient. The use of fully automatic poultry farming equipment can achieve the effect of unattended chicken farming house. A chicken house with tens of thousands of chickens can only take care of up to 1-2 people. Because our poultry farming equipment with higher quality and lower price, every time we start in South Africa, our trading volume is far ahead.

Our long history in the industry has taught us that the most important things to our customers are service, high quality products and integrity.
Therefore, we have many dedicated staffs responsible for the South African business, mainly responsible for a range of issues from the purchase of poultry farming equipment to the installation and after-sales, so that you can without worry about buying our poultry farming equipment.

If you want to get more information or have any questions about our poultry farming equipment, send e-mail to me and I will tell you what you want to know about poultry farming equipment.