Battery Layer Cage Price in Ghana for 10,000 Chicken

The battery layer cage in Ghana has become a breeding method for many farming friends. They have advantages in chicken survival rate and safety and health. Today, the layer cage manufacturers wants to share with you whether poultry cages are suitable for raising chickens?

The battery cage in Ghana is suitable for laying hens, broilers, chicks. Generally, the battery chicken cage has four doors, and 3-4 birds can be raised in one door. Chickens live in cages and can eat, drink and defecate freely. Everything has the corresponding equipment to take care of. If you are raising 10,000 birds, then using a four-layer and five-door A-type laying hen cage is suitable.

Reasons for the widespread adoption of battery cages for poultry farming equipment in Ghana

  1. High degree of automation. The use of equipment such as automatic feeding, drinking water, manure cleaning, wet curtain cooling, and egg collection can save energy and improve labor productivity.
  2. Chickens have good epidemic prevention and can effectively prevent infectious diseases. Chickens do not touch manure, which allows chickens to grow healthily. They provide a clean and comfortable growing environment for chickens.
  3. Save space and improve stocking density. The battery layer cage density was more than 3 times higher than the flattening density.
  4. Save breeding feed. Cage chickens can save a lot of breeding feed. Chickens are kept in cages. Less exercise, less energy consumption, less waste. The data shows that the cascading chicken cage system can effectively save more than 25% of the cost of breeding.
  5. Sturdy and durable. The complete set of cage chicken equipment adopts hot-dip galvanizing technology. Corrosion resistance and aging resistance, the service life can reach 15 to 20 years.

Chicken Battery Cage Manufacturer in Nigeria

Feedback from Poultry Farming Friends on Battery Chicken Cage System Price

Readme of our client A “I am a poultry farmer in Ghana and I keep 10,000 birds. The layer cages provided to me by LIVI have been in use on the farm for 8 years and are still functioning normally. The design and structure are basically the same as chickens, which not only saves energy but also reduces the incidence of poultry diseases.”