Nigeria 24,480 Birds H Type Broiler Cages Project

In modern farms in Nigeria, choosing the right broiler cage for a breeding scale of 20,000 birds is a crucial decision. After market research and practical experience, H-type broiler cages are considered the best choice.

H-type broiler cages are the best type of battery cages chosen by modern farms with 20,000 birds in Nigeria. In modern farms, large breeding scale, advanced equipment and high efficiency are the key goals of farm operations. The H-type broiler cage is constructed of solid steel and has good wind and earthquake resistance, which can effectively protect the birds from the impact of the external environment. The broiler cages are made of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, which have a long service life and can meet the needs of long-term stable operation of the farm.

The design of the H-type broiler cage takes into account the convenience of cleaning and management. It is equipped with a removable bird cage bottom to facilitate cleaning of bird droppings and maintaining the hygiene of the birdhouse. The design of the H type broiler cages fully takes into account the comfort of the birds, providing suitable space and ventilation conditions to ensure the normal growth and development of the birds.

What are the design drawings and farm planning of a fully automated farm with 20,000 chickens?

Broiler chicken farm design. The dimensions of the chicken house are 100 meters long, 15 meters wide and 3.5 meters high. This size is able to accommodate a large amount of cage equipment and cages while providing enough space for the chickens to move around and grow.

Broiler chicken cage layout. The broiler chicken cages adopt a 4-row layout, with 45 sets of hot-dip galvanized broiler chicken cages in each row. Each set of broiler chicken cages can accommodate 15 chickens, so a total of 24,480 chickens can be raised. This layout can maximize the breeding density, increase production and economic benefits.

Broiler chicken construction. Broiler chicken house need to have appropriate ventilation, lighting and temperature control systems to provide a comfortable growing environment for chickens. In addition, it is necessary to set up appropriate feed and drinking water facilities, as well as reasonable cleaning and disinfection equipment to maintain the hygiene of the chicken house.

Chicken breeding equipment. Farms need to be equipped with automated feeding and watering equipment, as well as automated egg collection systems. These devices can improve work efficiency, reduce labor input, ensure adequate supplies of feed and drinking water, and make egg collection more convenient.

Management and monitoring systems. Farms also need to establish corresponding management and monitoring systems to achieve fully automated operations. These systems can monitor environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and air quality in the chicken house to detect and solve potential problems in a timely manner.

Details of Nigeria’s 20,000-bird fully automated farm

Nigeria 20,000 fully automatic broiler chicken cage project is located in Lagos, a city with a strategic location, huge market potential and convenient transportation. The government actively supports the breeding industry and provides preferential policies such as rapid loan approval.

In order to realize the modernization and rapid development of the farm, the customer placed an order to purchase a set of fully automatic broiler chicken cage equipment. The equipment includes automatic feeding equipment, automatic egg collecting system, automatic manure cleaning system, feeding tank, fan and wet curtain system, etc. Fully automatic chicken cage equipment not only reduces the use of workers, but also improves farm management efficiency.

The broiler chicken house is 100 meters long and 15 meters wide, and is built according to the design of our factory. After about 6 months of construction, we will start production, transportation and customs clearance, and finally complete the installation and commissioning work to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Market potential of aquaculture industry in Lagos, Nigeria

The city of Lagos, Nigeria is one of the largest cities in Nigeria and an economic and commercial center with a large population. As the population grows and the economy develops, the demand for poultry products is also increasing.

Breeding industry has huge market potential in Lagos city. First of all, Lagos has a high population density and large market demand, which provides a broad market space for poultry farming. Secondly, as people’s living standards improve, the demand for high-quality meat poultry is also increasing, which provides opportunities for high-standard broiler chicken breeding.

In addition, Lagos City has convenient transportation and strong logistics capabilities, which can easily transport aquaculture products to other cities and regions and expand sales channels. The government’s support and preferential policies for the breeding industry also provide a good development environment for breeding enterprises.

In summary, introducing modern broiler chicken cages to the breeding industry in Lagos, Nigeria is a very promising and potential project. Through reasonable planning and efficient management, using advanced equipment such as H-type broiler cages, it is possible to achieve high-density breeding, optimize production capacity and improve economic benefits, meet market demand and promote the sustainable development of the breeding industry.