The importance of chicken equipment environmental control system to chicken house

Not ventilation is the source of diseases, to improve the environment of the house, the ventilation problem must be solved first. Especially when the seasons alternate. Change of temperature difference is bigger, because the hen-house frequent chicken group of respiratory diseases due to poor ventilation, induces mainly respiratory symptoms of various diseases incidence, mortality rates increased significantly, laying rate drop, brings to the farmers severe losses. So the importance of chicken equipment environmental control system to chicken house can be reflected.
The control ventilation in closed chicken coop is to solve the contradiction between air quality and ambient temperature at low temperature. Control ventilation is an inevitable choice for establishing a good living environment of chicken group in the environment of chicken coop interlaced with temperature, humidity, harmful gas, air velocity and other biomass.
The only way to reduce the contents of harmful gas in the house and the temperature and humidity in the house is to increase the air flow in the house. Air flow is determined by air flow velocity (wind speed). In order to ensure the fresh air in the chicken coop, there must be a certain flow velocity, which directly affects the heat dissipation function and air quality of poultry.
When the temperature of chicken house is higher than normal temperature, it is very important to adjust the temperature of chicken group (heat dissipation) with the help of ventilated airflow speed. The higher the temperature of the interior, the larger the air flow and the faster the heat dissipation; The lower the temperature, the smaller the airflow, and the slower the heat dissipation, so that the chicken will always feel comfortable. When the temperature of the hen house is lower than normal temperature, the purpose of ventilation is to change the fresh air, which is required to close the fan to improve the temperature of the ventilation.
So, should poultry the relationship between the ventilation and heat preservation in winter, should maintain air velocity and air quantity, used to get rid of inner foul air, reduce the humidity and the concentration of harmful gases, and to prevent the poultry because of low temperature stress and affect the production performance.
In the hen-house microorganisms, such as dust, dander, feather dust, strong wild poison and bacteria can be attached in the above, is the main reason of the disease, also be the biggest factor that cause harm to the crowd: almost all of the diseases, such as ND, MD, ILT, IBD are related. It is proved by practice that it is very difficult to completely remove microbial dust, and forced ventilation is one of the most effective methods to remove microbial dust. If the forced ventilation and ventilation is good, even if there is some chicken back out viruses and bacteria infection, also can with the air circulation to the outside, can make the decrease of viruses, bacteria in the hen-house to infection levels of the disease.
In modern poultry production, scale, industrialization road is the development trend of internationalization, it is also the inevitable choice for the development of the poultry industry, no size, no benefit, the scale is natural with density. Along with the increase of the density, oxygen demand will increase, therefore, under the intensive feeding mode of production, “chickens – pathogen – environment” the main body of the system is automatically transferred to the environment up two need to quickly heat at high temperature, low temperature when the need to quickly discharge dirty gas, only good ventilated can solve the above problems. Reduce the stress caused by the density of chickens, so chicken equipment environmental control system is especially important.
Environmental control is a comprehensive system project, to improve the inner control environment, must be carried out all-round supporting, from static environment control and production management factors both hands, solve the problem of good chicken group production environment, improve the production benefit of farmers, to increase income.
In conclusion, it is an important part of improving the biosafety and epidemic prevention system to thoroughly solve the problems in ventilation. First solve the problem of good ventilation, to effectively solve well temperature, microbial dust and harmful gas, humidity, density and oxygen on the impact of the crowd, in order to achieve the purpose of the implementation of environmental control, reduce the stress of chickens. This can create a comfortable and safe living environment for chickens. Ensure the health of the chicken and the steady improvement of production level.

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