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As the economy becomes more and more developed, people are looking for more high-quality and safe poultry and meat products, so the poultry market has also begun to upgrade and expand. Automatic poultry farming equipment farmers know is not strange, it brought convenience to poultry collective farming, in order to let everyone know more poultry production automation equipment, and can better use the automatic poultry equipment. Here is an introduction to the importance of using automated poultry farming equipment in poultry farming.
The popularity of fast food is greatly accelerated the rapid development of industry, automatic poultry equipment market also becomes important, as people with a surge in demand for poultry makes raising industry rapid expansion and globalization, can be said to be the fastest growing part of the farming.

poultry farming supplier

Cascade automation, as the name implies, is a layer of a layer stack up, the cage there must be a highly accurate automation equipment to complete the whole process of chickens, must want to have more advanced production technology to keep up the good performance of cage, currently there are three kinds of production process in the market for chicken farmers to choose the cage.
Cascading breeding, layer cage number of optional, up to 10 layers, unit space breeding density high, raising output, which can realize reasonable benefits. Automatic feeding, drinking water system, not only save manpower, and improve labor productivity. Automatic egg collecting system, reduce labor cost, high efficiency and stability. Automatic manure removal equipment, dry sanitation and also save labor, can clean the manure many times a day, greatly reduce the respiratory diseases of chickens. The feeding of automatic poultry farming raising equipment reduces the amount of contact between in the poultry, which is beneficial to the prevention and control of chicken disease.
The cascade automated chicken cage must be flat with a manure cleaner. When I saw some of the articles written here, it was said that I used a dung scraper, and I laughed, so that I could use some kind of automation, and I could not use artificial culture. Belt manure removal has two kinds of conveyor belt, is a kind of pure plastic, is a kind of canvas, above the brush a layer of plastic, the former cheap which is expensive, less expensive, but the latter’s quality is much better than the former. So how do you choose? I can only tell you what is the most afraid of belt night-soil machine you will know how to choose, belt manure removal machine is transmitted by a transmission of chicken manure, the most afraid of be a belt running deviation, the basic is damaged, so be sure to find a running deviation prevention system of the manufacturer. Laminated chicken coop needs a layer of conveyor belt, so pay more attention to flat belt running deviation.

Breeders should pay attention to the welfare of animals and adopt standardized feeding management techniques. Unowned pollution-free production to strengthen the breeding management, improve the inner microclimate, provide comfortable production environment, attach importance to disease prevention and early detection and treatment, to reduce and prevent avian disease, reduce drug use. According to the daily characteristics of chicken, provide suitable temperature and humidity. Ensure good air quality and good ventilation management. According to the biological clock of chicken, growth regularity and characteristics of the disease, the process of formulating scientific illumination and limited feeding process, with different formula feeding different growth phase of chicken feed, in order to make the diet nutrition composition is closer to the chickens nutritional requirements, and can improve the feed conversion rate.
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