120 Birds Chicken Cage Supplier in China

We are the directly supplier of chicken cages in China, we are the No.1 supplier of poultry farming equipment. Our chicken cage have high quality and lower price, today I will introduce our poultry farming equipment of you.

A complete set of chicken cage contains:

1: One group has 6 cages and one layer has 5 cage doors;
2: National standard angle steel cage (three-layer egg cage cage ditch standard size width 1.8 meters);
3: Each white large anti-slope trough is 4 meters each (3 per group);
4: 30 nipple drinkers for chickens;
5: 3 special pipes for white PVC chicken cages;

chicken battery cages

Each chicken cage is 156 cm long, 55 cm wide and 4 cm high (6 in each of three layers). Each piece can be designed into four / five doors (horizontal sliding doors, upper sliding doors) according to customer requirements.
We are have many specification of chicken cage, such as three-tier four-door / five-door and other specifications, our chicken cage can feeding 120 birds one group.

Livi machinery chicken cages are all made of U-shaped steel, our meshes are used Q235 international steel, all cages adopts electrostatically sprayed to prevent corrosion; our sinks are divided into white sinks and black sinks. The poultry farming equipment in livi machinery also have water tanks, pressure regulators and other accessories.

Each water pipe is four meters long, one cage is two meters, three layers are three; cage four doors use four drinking nipples, five doors use five drinking nipples;

poultry farming equipment supplier
Advantages of the chicken cage:

1. Chicken can move freely, and there can accommodate more chickens to eat together in chicken battery cages.
2. Simple structure and less material used.
3. Installation and control is relatively simple and easy to use.
4. Reduce the chance of chicken injury.
5. Can better protect the feathers of the chicken.

We can give you the best after sales service, you can no worried about choose livi machinery chicken cages. If you have any doubt of our chicken battery cages system or other poultry farming equipment supplier, you can send e – mail to me. Finally, thanks for your reading.