A type layer cages provides a comfortable home for 30,000 birds

Why choose A type layer cages to raise 30,000 birds?

An efficient and well-designed housing system is essential when raising large numbers of layer hens. The A type layer cages is just an excellent choice to meet this challenge. Each  layer cage system can accommodate 30,000 layers, and its excellent design provides an ideal solution for large-scale layer farming operations.

These A type layer cages are known for their excellent space utilization and excellent management convenience. The design of each cage is carefully planned to ensure that the birds have enough room to move around while minimizing wasted space. This intelligent design not only helps to provide the comfortable living environment required by layers, but also effectively reduces the waste of energy and resources.

In addition, the management of  layer cage system has become easier and more efficient. The layout and structure of the cage allows the breeder to easily monitor the health of the chickens and carry out necessary feeding management. This intensive management helps to ensure the welfare and performance of layer hens, thereby improving the efficiency of farming.

Most importantly, A type layer cages can significantly increase the productivity of farming. Optimized environmental and management conditions create a more suitable production environment for laying hens, enabling them to produce more high-quality eggs. This high output feature makes layer cages a popular choice for large-scale layer farming operations.

In conclusion, layer cage system show great potential for raising large numbers of layer hens. Its efficient space utilization, superior management features and increased productivity make it an ideal choice for modern farming. Whether it is to improve production efficiency or optimize resource utilization, A-type layer cages have brought unprecedented opportunities to the chicken industry.

Chicken house design for 30,000 birds

For the breeding of 30,000 laying hens, the layer cage system is specially designed:

Chicken house size: 86 meters (length) * 15 meters (width) * 3.5 meters (height).

This innovative chicken house design is designed to make the most of space, providing each hen with plenty of movement and living space while maximizing farming efficiency.

Arranging A-type layer chicken cages in the feeding area can not only raise high-density breeding, but also ensure the welfare and quality of life of the chickens. Each chicken cage is carefully designed according to the number of chickens and activity needs, and a suitable breeding area is divided so that each laying hen can enjoy sufficient space.

The successful case of 30,000 laying hens using A-type chicken cages

The Zambian chicken farm adopts innovative breeding methods to create an efficient and comfortable living space for 30,000 laying hens.

Chicken house size and design: The farm built a chicken house for these 30,000 laying hens, with a size of 110 meters (length) * 18 meters (width) * 4 meters (height), with a total area of 1980 square meters. The chicken coop is divided into several areas, each area is equipped with modern A-frame chicken coops.

The design of A-type chicken cages maximizes the use of space, and the interior of each cage is carefully planned to ensure that the laying hens can move freely and get a proper rest. An intelligent feeding system is set up in the chicken house to ensure that each laying hen can get enough feed and water.

Ventilation and temperature control are important highlights of this case. A high-efficiency ventilation system is installed in the chicken house to maintain air circulation and reduce the heat stress of the chickens. The regulation of temperature and humidity has also been carefully designed to create a suitable living environment for laying hens.

In order to improve production efficiency, the farm has introduced an automatic manure scraping system. This system regularly cleans the manure in the chicken coop, keeps the chicken coop hygienic, and reduces the burden on the staff at the same time.

The use of A Type chicken cages not only increases the laying rate of laying hens, but also injects higher efficiency and sustainability into the chicken industry.

To ensure good ventilation in the house, we have installed proper ventilation and air conditioning systems. This helps to regulate the temperature and humidity in the house, providing a comfortable living environment for the layer hens, thereby promoting growth and egg production.

In order to reduce the labor burden and keep the chicken house clean, we have equipped with an automatic scraper type manure removal system. This system can regularly remove the manure in the chicken house, maintain the hygiene and environmental quality of the chicken house, and reduce the need for manual cleaning.

Through this well-designed chicken house for layer cage system, we aim to provide farmers with an efficient, comfortable and sustainable farming environment.