Use poultry farming automation equipment to raise the size of poultry farming

In recent years, the poultry farming industry has continued to develop, and the total production of various poultry products has been greatly improved. The scale of large-scale farms has become larger and larger, and the influence of the industry has gradually increased. The new pattern of poultry production and marketing is being formed, and the automatic production of poultry is becoming more and more obvious, the market organization of poultry farming is improving, and the market leading role is becoming increasingly prominent.

chicken farming automatic battery cage

The environmental control of poultry farming automation equipment in laying hens has already achieved fine regulation, and can be summarized into three types, the first is illumination environmental regulation technology. The second is the technology of temperature environmental regulation. The third is the quality control technology of dust and other houses. The use of these control devices enhances the safety of poultry farming and protects the healthy growth of poultry.
Poultry farms should be protected by bio-safety measures, such as efficient isolation, safe sterilization and moderate immunity. At present, we advocate immune re-optimization. According to the need of antibody level of detection, we should properly immunize to create a comfortable and healthy living environment for poultry.
Most of the spread of poultry infections comes from feed, and when the feed comes out, it attracts a variety of birds. Therefore, it is suggested to use the tower for feeding. If the feed is self-supplied, it can also be put into the feeding trough through the pipe, so as not to leak out the feed, so as to prevent the pathogenic microorganisms from being produced, effectively prevent the spread of diseases and improve the production efficiency.
Using poultry production automation equipment, raising poultry farming scale is a direction of the development of poultry industry in the future, we should build efficient, productive poultry farming equipment automation, provide a powerful guarantee for the development of poultry production, the poultry farming development, greatly improve the benefit of farmers, to increase the production efficiency, reduce labor chicken cage system