Introduction of common equipment for poultry farms

Poultry farming requires certain equipment and materials. Basic requirements are easy to operate and easy to design. Convenient maintenance, small volume, easy to move, economical and durable.

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Poultry farming equipment commonly used

The first is the heating equipment of poultry. Adult chickens are more resistant to cold, and are farming more densely fed. Heat dissipation is sufficient to maintain the desired temperature. Generally no heating is required. And chicks, due to the thermal regulation function hypoplasia, ability is poor, cold to demand higher, in brood stage, especially in the cold winter and early spring, late autumn is to increase the temperature of the brood chamber, in order to meet the basic needs of chicks healthy growth.

Then there is the poultry feeding equipment, mainly divided into the following three types. Chicken feed plate, mainly for feeding and early childhood (O – 2 weeks) use. There are two kinds of chicken feed tray with round and square, which can be used for 80 ~ 100 chicks. Feed bucket for 2 week old chicks or large chickens. The feed barrel consists of a bottomless drum that can be suspended and a shallow disk slightly larger than a barrel, which is connected by a short chain and can adjust the distance between the barrel and the disc. The barrel can contain more feed, and the feed can be automatically fed into the chassis to feed the chickens through the gap between the lower edge of the drum and the chassis.

layer battery chicken cage for sale

At present, there are 4 ~ 10kg of feed drums in the market. This kind of feed barrel is suitable for flat raising on the ground or flat on the net. The feed barrel should be raised with the growth of the chicken body, and the height of the feed barrel disc is high with the height of the chicken standing. When the height of the plate is too low, the chicken will over-spill the feed, causing waste, and the plate is too high, which will affect the feeding of the chickens.

Poultry farming trough equipment, has a certain economic strength and a certain scale breeding of chicken farmers, automatic feeding machine should be used to feed the chickens, it is not only beneficial to reduce the labor intensity of the feeding, more important is to be able to control the feed rate, and the material is finished in a short period of time, so that each bird feeding uniform, is conducive to a large group of chickens to grow and develop.

Followed by poultry farming drinking water system consists of a pressure-relief tank or a pressure-reducing valve, a water pipe, a drinking nipple, a lifting cup, a lifting system and a dispenser. The reduced pressure tank or pressure relief valve is usually proportioning each layer according to the number of layers in the chicken coop. It is recommended to use the pressure relief water tank. The pressure reducing valve is easy to be damaged and is a vulnerable part. If the valve is equipped with a water purifier, the valve should be equipped with a water purifier.

Finally, poultry farming environmental control equipment. It mainly refers to the equipment used to exclude excess water vapour, heat and harmful gas in the chicken coop, as well as the equipment to reduce the temperature in the house. Currently, there are mainly ventilator and spray cooling equipment in the poultry market. The noise is small and the air volume is large, which is beneficial to ventilation and ventilation. The spray cooling equipment is mainly used for the cooling of large and medium sized flat and caged chicken farm in summer, or by adding disinfectant to sterilize the chicken and reduce the dust in the house. Clean up the environment, create a suitable micro-climate for the chickens.

Automatic manure cleaning equipment can be used in automatic A-type and H-type chicken battery cages. It is popular for being environmentally friendly and making full use of chicken manure. The manure cleaning belt can thoroughly clean up the chicken manure, and the chicken farm is cleaned once or twice a day, so that the chicken coop has no peculiar smell. The manure transported out of the chicken house can be made into granules or organic fertilizer, and domestic production can benefit a lot from chicken manure, and there is no need to worry about the smell or the residents getting bored again.

Above all, poultry farms chicken equipment commonly used is to help the farming friends high yield, good breeding good helper, although the upfront input is large, but the use fixed number of year long, comprehensive consideration, excellent quality and reasonable price. We are an excellent poultry breeding equipment manufacturer and supplier with advanced and complete production lines as well as strong R & D technical team. Our products are exported all over the world and we have designed and manufactured poultry breeding equipment to meet the needs of our customers one after another. Reduce the investment risk of customers, so that customers in the shortest possible time to obtain high-yield, highly praised by customers.