The advantage of poultry automatic chicken raising equipment

Poultry chicken farming automation equipment is now most of the farmers is one of the important breeding method, the method is to poultry production in the use of wire welding into the cages, according to of chicken breeds, different types of cages and planning, and equipped with manure removal, feeding, pick up eggs, ventilation cooling, poultry breeding automation equipment advantages,improve the breeding density, reduce feed waste, is conducive to chickens the epidemic prevention, improve the breeding benefit.
Poultry farming cages equipment mainly includes the laying hens cage, broiler cage, brood cage three,most farmers are now using a battery cages breeding, the battery cages is convenient to save space, can effectively prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of poultry, and thus improve the economic benefit.
Poultry farming automatic manure removal equipment is widely used in the removal of poultry manure. It can be used for the unmanned management, automatic timing cleaning, simple and quick operation, automatic manual conversion. Using automatic manure removal equipment for clearing up the management not only convenient, and chicken manure belt transport to the machine run to the end fall into dung removal sent to pull dung-cart away and can improve the inner environment, reducing the occurrence of poultry diseases.
Poultry feeding equipment of automation specializes in cages class device feeding, feeding machine has a unique structure, novel and practical, save time and effort, feeding uniform, less wear, low noise, easy operation, flexible steering, switching the space is little, convenient maintenance, so it was very popular among farmers. And the automatic feeding machine not only saves time, but also frees manpower. Feeding machine directly feed, safe, convenient, energy saving, no noise, the poultry reaction is small, very convenient.
Automatic egg collection equipment is a large poultry farms and essential equipment, automated collection of egg equipment main function is to transfer eggs from a cage to a place together collect, so that the workers pick up eggs without running around, reducing the labor force to pick up eggs,but increases the work efficiency, so as to achieve the effect of the cost savings.
Poultry production automatic environmental control equipment by precise control technology to ensure save feed, reducing the consumption of energy, interface software easier to manage, in more than one computer terminal can manage hen-house, comprehensive data real-time transmission, all the year round to can let poultry grow in the appropriate temperature and humidity, make chicken greatly reduce the mortality rate.
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