The role and relationship of automatic poultry farming equipment to poultry industry

The development of modern scale farming and animal husbandry engineering has undergone a tortuous course. Today, poultry farming business has made considerable development, many small scale farms at operation and management, expand production rolling development by profit, gradually expanded the scale of breeding, some enterprises of poultry is worth 5 ~ 200000, and began using automated way breeding (ventilation, feeding, drinking water, manure removal, pick eggs). On the other hand, the leading enterprises have gradually improved the distribution of interests in each chain, and the construction of large-scale farms has become more and more perfect. Meanwhile, the construction of epidemic prevention works and the awareness of epidemic prevention have been strengthened. Has the market to resist the risk ability, the scale also grows bigger.
The technology of laying hens and broiler is mainly used in the way of high density feeding. This approach reduces the contact with the feces of poultry, is helpful to control the disease, but also raise the breeding density, reduced the area, make the laying hens rate increased by 6 ~ 10%, fertilization rate increase by about 10%. The cage chicken equipment according to its section type has the laminated type, the step type, the half step type. The number of cages can be single, double and triple, up to eight floors. Breeding hens, laying hens, and broilers all have their own cages.
At present, with the development of modern industries, has been Lab-our shortages or expensive, chicken caged artificial insemination labor intensity, and the problem of pollution therefore needing group in this cage’s research and development, and according to the size weight of poultry cage net wire thickness and basket size parameters; Design and develop different types of cages according to different width and length of poultry.
Modern ventilation equipment can discharge waste gas from the poultry house, which is beneficial to the growth and health of poultry, and creates environmental conditions for the efficient production of poultry. Early ventilation equipment adopts industrial fan, which leads to large noise, high energy consumption and large investment. This not only causes great waste to the poultry farm, but also results in poor environmental conditions, which affects the production performance of poultry. As the agricultural efficiency and fan birdhouse longitudinal ventilation technology is widely used, modern ventilation equipment to save energy, reduce equipment investment and operation maintenance cost, to reduce the noise and improve the house inside and outside environment and other aspects have made remarkable progress, ventilation effect has been improved obviously.
The environment control technology of poultry house is a set of hardware and software system which can intelligently control the temperature, humidity, illumination, ventilation and other factors in poultry house. Currently, birdhouse environment automatic control system also need to be further perfected and optimized, such as open automatically according to the different regions of inner temperature fan air volume size, adjust the direction of the ventilation fan and so on, so as to combine environmental control and production management technology truly achieve the optimization control system.
For the development of large-scale farming, advanced modern aquaculture equipment is indispensable. If there is no modern animal husbandry and engineering facilities, equipment, but it is worth noting that advanced livestock facilities, equipment, its performance characteristics are different, must work with different production methods, purpose and scale of farming enterprises. Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd according to user needs to know more about the corresponding livestock facilities, equipment performance and characteristics, development and production of the automation of breeding equipment to achieve the scientific and reasonable, give full play to the farming equipment in the process of breeding has the bigger role.