Automatic poultry layer cages in Ghana have competitive prices

At present, the poultry industry has achieved great success in Ghana. Many small chicken farms gradually expanded their breeding scale and began to use automatic chicken farm equipment. Larger poultry farmers are also increasingly willing to improve their farms. At the same time, the awareness of epidemic prevention has enhance. And the ability to deal with risks has been enhanced.


Using poultry layer cages in Ghana to raise chickens reduces litter exposure, promotes disease control and increases reproductive density. Chicken cages can be divide into multi-layer and battery chicken cages. The number of cage can be customized according to customer needs.


Modern ventilation equipment can remove exhaust gas, promote the growth and health of chickens, and create an environmental environment for efficient production. The early use of industrial fans has high noise, high power consumption and large investment.

poultry battery cage system

With the wide application of longitudinal ventilation technology, modern ventilation equipment has made significant progress in energy saving, equipment investment and operation and maintenance costs, noise reduction, and environmental improvement.


The environmental control system can intelligently control factors: temperature, humidity, lighting, ventilation, etc. Currently, the system needs improvement and optimization.


The development of large-scale farming requires modern automated chicken farm equipment. It is worth noting that the characteristics of equipment are different and must be compatible with different production methods, uses and scales.


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