Some cautions in the use of poultry farming automation equipment

With the scale of poultry farming market and the increasing degree of automation, it must be the development direction of the poultry farming industry.
When it comes to poultry automation, large-scale farming, there is no way poultry farming equipment, automatic feeding line, automatic drinking line, wet curtain, transformer, chicken cages etc., are necessary in the poultry farming production automation.
The poultry of in an automated farming must be available 24 hours a day drinking water. If the water supply is inadequate, whether it is inadequate or not enough, it will slow the growth of poultry. In order to ensure adequate drinking water for the chickens, the proportion of intake and drinking water intake should be observed daily.
Poultry farms automation in drinking water, medicine, vaccine immunization, etc., are to be carried out by water, if long time don’t wash, bacteria and algae on the wall, on the one hand, cause the pollution of drinking water, on the other hand can also cause the nipples of congestion. Therefore, the farms should be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis to prevent poultry from getting sick.
The automatic environment control equipment for poultry farming should not only exhaust the excess heat and harmful gas in the chicken house through ventilation, but also can not cause cold air to blow directly on the chicken and cause cold stress. In order to make the hen-house environment can be effectively controlled, the hen house side wall side inlet state of control is very important, air inlet opening size, direction and quantity should be according to the change of the number of fan is open and change.

battery cage system in chicken farm

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