To realize the main equipment of poultry breeding automation

Have high standards of modern, large-scale automatic poultry farming system is one of the most important breeding industry standard hardware, the vane of breeding poultry market development also gradually to the development of rapid development, high standards of management, automation, etc.
Different levels of automation of farming chickens and different methods of breeding poultry equipment requirements is different, but some of them are the most basic equipment, including the coop, drinking , environmental control equipment, feeding equipment, collection of eggs, manure removal equipment, etc.
The poultry farming chicken cages consists of an layer egg cages, broiler cage, and brood cage. Poultry breeding laying hens equipment was called laying hens cage. Layer egg cages is divided into layers are cascading and step-wise cage layers are of two types, the use of laying hens cage aquaculture laying hens can keep more than three times more than the flat, the number of layers and laying hens in the cage of chickens and limitations with more convenient for farmers to its management. My company production automation cascading cage device screen layers are part of the whole hot dip galvanized surface treatment, about 400 m (including zinc layer thickness, corrosion effect is generally 3 to 4 times of galvanized wire mesh, making of chicken roll-in and roll-out become more simple, more human.
In poultry farming, automatic egg collection, automatic feeding and automatic manure removal system are required for automatic egg collection, automatic feeding and automatic manure removal. Using full automatic cleaning machine can automatically clean the manure and can be used regularly, thus ensuring the environment of the chicken coop, greatly reducing the labor intensity, and giving the chickens a good air environment.
Poultry production automatic feeding equipment can realize multi-layer breeding automatic feeding, timing quantitative, the efficiency is very high, and can reduce the cost of farmers hire labor for feeding, feeding machine have special device can ensure trough, feed can be evenly and to avoid waste.
Our company set in the middle of the protective device of automatic egg collection system can reduce the broken egg rate, reduce the contact between people and chicken, the biggest may reduce the chance of cross infection, maximum limit save time cost and labor cost, improve the economic benefit.
Poultry drinking water equipment in poultry farming automation equipment is usually used with the nipple. Nipples are not easy to spread disease, water consumption, can be exempted from scrubbing work, improve work efficiency, has gradually replaced the permanent water tank. The nipples are composed of drinking water nipples, water pipes, pressure-relief valves or water tanks, and can also be equipped with a medicine dispenser. Both flat and cage can be used. Save water, clean sanitation, need to clean filter and water tank regularly, save labor, durable, do not need to change.
Environmental control equipment, as the name implies, is the equipment that controls the environment, mainly including lighting equipment, ventilation equipment and heating system. Lighting is mainly light automatic controller, can open the lamp and turn off the lights, features is the ability to uniform illumination distribution, reduce mortality, poultry light intensity can be adjusted, the sunlight intensity, illumination time light supplement system will start automatically and dimming light was coming on, the high quality lighting color, perfect safety to prevent overheating, etc. Ventilation equipment is used to remove the dirty air, moisture and excess heat from the chicken coop, while adding fresh air. The heating system can be heated by hot air stove, boiler, etc. These two types of heating provide clean hot air with no pollution and are used for heating of chicken coop. The equipment has simple structure, high thermal efficiency, fast heating and low cost.

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