The poultry farming automatic laying egg hens farming equipment advantage

The development trend of egg chicken breeding in the new era of automatic poultry farming equipment is the basic realization of many large and medium-sized laying hens. Many farmers do not know much about the automatic egg-raising equipment farming, and think that the input is not proportional to the return. We will give an example to illustrate the advantages of automatic laying egg hens farming equipment.
Farms that use automate poultry farming look like factories on the outside. When walking into the chicken hen-house, you can see that the chicken house is fully enclosed, feeding the chicken, feeding water, manure removal , controlling room temperature, adjusting the light, etc., as long as one press the button to complete.
Using automatic poultry farming equipment can greatly improve the environment for the chicken breeding, environment improved, the poultry will improve overall health condition, to disease resistance will also increase, virtually reduced the use of drugs. And the establishment of automated chicken coop forms a relatively sealed small environment, which is conducive to the control of chicken farm environment. In addition, automated chicken coop is more economical for poultry farming resources such as feed and fuel.
Poultry farming automatic laying egg hens farming equipment should develop moderate scale, equipment automation and management data, which can effectively reduce production cost, improve labor productivity and improve the operation efficiency of farm.
The automatic poultry farming is the future development direction of laying egg hens. In the production, we should take into account “high quality”, “efficient”, “safe” and “ecological”.
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