Ghanaian farmers use laying hen farming equipment

Many farmers in Ghana use layer farming equipment. Especially the purchase of a complete set of laying hen breeding equipment. You should choose high-quality equipment. Give chickens a good growing environment.


Farmers should also establish a complete and standardized breeding facility. So that the chickens can be placed on the net, clean and hygienic. And the chicken coop should be well insulated. In this way, the fluctuating heat and cold will not cause the chicken to get sick. Increase the troubles of farmers.


And before entering the chicks. Farmers must disinfect the chicken coop and related chicken raising equipment in an all-round way. And the equipment and tools must be disinfected. To avoid the presence of bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. And to prevent chickens from being susceptible to diseases. The water pipes of the breeding farm should be checked regularly for blockage, and the cleanliness of the inner wall of the water pipes should be checked and cleaned. To prevent harmful bacteria from remaining on the inner wall of the water pipe


battery poultry cages for layers


superior. You can use a sponge ball to clean by water pressure. You can also use professional plumbing tools or drugs for soaking. Pay attention to the residue in the water pipe after grouping. Clean the water pipes, and then group them to ensure that the chickens drink healthy water and reduce intestinal diseases.


Pay more attention to the installation and debugging of layer breeding equipment. The equipment engineer shall conduct on-site supervision and inspection. To ensure the quality of installation and commissioning of chicken breeding equipment. Keep the drive away from dust and high humidity, and prevent accidental contact.