Sales of poultry farming cascade automation equipment

A chicken farm to pay a poultry to be set up to work, must have the most basic poultry farming automatic equipment, general chicken farm including drinking water equipment, environmental control equipment, chicken cages equipment, feeding equipment, chicken coop manure removal equipment and a series of complete sets of fully automated equipment.

At present, the popular chicken coop equipment in poultry market has stepped and stacked two kinds. The whole set of stacked chicken cages equipment used in poultry farming is hot dip galvanizing process, corrosion resistant and service life of over 20 years. High-density feeding and saving land is about 70% of the land use. Centralized management, saving energy and resources, adopting advanced ventilation system, lighting system and automatic control system, saving energy consumption, improving labor productivity and improving egg ratio. Save space and raise the feeding density to 62 per square meter. Adopt conveyor belt type clear dung, make chicken manure dry into granule, reduce environmental pollution, chicken manure re-utilization rate is high. Eco-environmental protection is the ideal feeding equipment for green eggs and eco-friendly egg products.
The use of a laminated chicken coop raises the number of chickens in each house and reduces the cost of heating in winter. Since the excrement is regularly cleaned, ammonia and dust are greatly reduced, preventing the occurrence of respiratory diseases. The bottom network USES plastic components to prevent the chicken breast from blisters, swelling, or foot injury, almost without buying any medicine. The height of the line and the waterline can be adjusted so that at any time, poultry can be easily feeding, effectively improved the efficiency of poultry farming.
The use of gantry sowing feeding machine for poultry breeding is easy to manage. The device can directly feed, safe, convenient, energy-saving, noiseless, chicken reaction is small. The feeding function automatically turns, moves forward and backward, and can walk freely in the chicken coop. It can be adjusted according to the speed of feeding truck, which can improve the production efficiency.
There are two kinds of defecation in the chicken coop. Mechanical defecation commonly used equipment, scraper type cleaning machine and belt type cleaning machine. Scraper manure removal machine used in step-wise caged and online more flat, belt type manure removal machine used for laminated type battery, is indispensable to poultry production automation equipment, greatly reduce the manpower, improve the working efficiency.
Automatic poultry farming equipment is simply rely on some equipment work to reduce the trouble of user manual chicken and overworked, and the completion of automatic poultry equipment can be higher efficiency of chickens a job, in addition to the poultry industry, our development is inseparable from the various industries automation equipment to help, automation has become the important assistant of the new era of development.