Characteristics of poultry farming layer chicken cages system

Poultry farming layer cages equipment can be divided into an egg from chicken breed with cages and meat chicken coop, from breeding ways can be divided into small groups of caged and hen caged separately, from the configuration mode and can be divided into layer 2 and layer 3. The structure is basically the same, but the space size is enlarged. In order to catch the chicken and improve the structure of the cage door.

Hens are kept in poultry battery cages in large poultry farms to produce eggs. There is a conveyor belt at the bottom of each layer of chicken cage for automatic cleaning of poultry manure. The environment of the chicken house is comfortable. Poultry live in chicken coops, and the drinking water, feeding, dung cleaning, egg collection, environmental control, etc. needed for growth can be well cared for.

battery layer chicken cage

Characteristics of layer cage system for poultry farming

There are several aspects to the use of poultry farming layer chicken cage system. greatly improving the production efficiency and saving labor cost. And the use of battery cages for layer can reduce poultry mortality. Since chickens live in poultry cages, it is easier for farmers to identify and treat sick hens.

The first use of chicken cages to raise chickens reduces the range of chicken activities, saving the chicken’s strength.

Secondly, the structure of the cage is simple, which saves materials and costs. And it is easy to operate and maintain.

Third, the design concept is to improve the comfort and welfare indicators of laying hens, improve the laying quality, and bring greater economic benefits to farmers.

Fourth, intensive design and advanced control system can fully save energy consumption and improve labor productivity.

In the end, the installation and control of the cage is simple, the operability is not strong, the poultry is put into the chicken coop, it is not easy to produce the harm to the chicken, and it is very good to protect the feathers of the chicken.

The poultry farming layer chicken cage is designed with automatic operation, including automatic feeding system, automatic drinking water system, automatic egg collection system, automatic fecal removal system, cooling and ventilation system, etc. This can greatly improving the production efficiency and saving labor cost.

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LIVI poultry equipment layer chicken cage

Our company has introduced fully automatic welding equipment for the poultry farming layer cage , so that the welding depth of each welding spot is consistent and the quality of each piece is guaranteed. It is effective to ensure the permanent high hardness and high elasticity of the steel wire, so that the product can be used for a long time. Adopt international advanced wire drawing equipment and wire drawing technology and steel wire surface is smooth, no laceration and scratches and other harmful defects, coop mesh after forming, which can effectively prevent the chicken foot injury, prevent make chicken foot infections with wire laceration caused by staphylococcus aureus.

Our company manufacturer has the following advantages in the production of poultry farming layer cages. Firstly, it can improve the feeding density and the utilization ratio of the house, and can save the bedding materials needed for the ground. Second, effectively control the disease transmitted through feces and save money on drugs. Third, chicken feed evenly, easy to limited feeding, high uniformity, chickens of neat, high rate, long duration, the fourth, no nest eggs, hatching egg clean, broken egg rate is low, high utilization rate of protein. Fifth, can change the environment inside the chicken house, easy to raise the technical personnel to observe the chicken group, raise the labor productivity. It can be customized according to customer’s requirement. The hot-dip galvanized steel plate adopts bending technology, which makes the equipment more stable, anti-corrosion and ensures a longer service life.

We are an excellent poultry farming equipment manufacturer and supplier with advanced and complete production lines as well as strong R & D technical team. Our products are exported all over the world and we have designed and manufactured poultry breeding equipment to meet the needs of our customers one after another. Reduce the investment risk of customers, so that customers in the shortest possible time to obtain high-yield, highly praised by customers.

Our poultry battery cage system has always maintained the pursuit of high-quality automation equipment. High quality hot-dip galvanizing process is adopted to ensure the service life of poultry and egg cage equipment is 20 years.

In addition, we have more than 20 poultry breeding experts with rich experience, who are specially able to provide customers with the design of poultry houses and the customized scheme of chicken cage equipment. We can also provide customized services for you. We can design chicken houses and cages according to your wishes.