Automatic layer cage system in Ghana, only 1 person for 30,000 chickens

Our Ghanaian client, Mr. Evelyn Ofosuah, has established a modern intensive poultry farm to raise laying hens locally. The automatic layer cage system in Ghana is installed in a closed hen house. When you walk into the laying hen house, you will be greeted by the coolness. And you will not see a fly or smell a bit of odor. Wouldn’t believe a chicken house that houses 30,000 birds if not in person.


Evelyn Ofosuah said that automatic poultry farming equipment is worth using, the degree of automation is high.  The chickens can be well care for. Only need to press the button lightly, the laying hen equipment will automatically pick up eggs, automatically clean manure, feed materials and water in an orderly manner.


In the past, it took 4 strong workers to take care of 10,000 laying hens, but now only one person can easily manage 30,000 laying hens. Labor alone saves $24,000 a year. It not only improves the efficiency of poultry farming, but also makes farming easier.


The pollution of the farm has always been a traditional and difficult problem to solve, but after the manure is clean automatically. There is almost no residue on the conveyor belt, which is clean and hygienic, which can effectively avoid cross-infection in the house. In the traditional open chicken house, the weather is hot and cold, and even strong winds can spread the disease to the chickens. It will seriously affect the production performance of laying hens. .


how to choose high quality battery cage for layers?


The newly built high-standard laying hen house to use layer cage systems raising chicken has greatly reduced the pollution to the surrounding environment. And the pollution is small, and the nearby villagers are also very satisfing. He also calculated an account for the reporter: this high-standard layer chicken cages has a high total investment. Although the cost is higher, traditional equipment is prone to cold and heat stress in summer and winter. The production performance will be seriously reduce and the feed-to-egg ratio will increase (more feed and less egg production). After adopting the new technology, the house can always be kept warm in winter and cool in summer. The egg production rate can be increase by 13%.


The above is the experience of Ghanaian customers using the layer cage system in Ghana.

Using poultry equipment to raise chickens not only allows you to have more time to develop your hobbie. But also improves the efficiency of poultry farming and achieves higher returns.


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