Advantages of poultry farming chicken cages

With the increase of productivity, the wages of the farmers are increasing, and the traditional breeding industry is unable to meet the demand of the normal breeding industry. Breeding business has made considerable development, many small scale farms at operation and management, expand production rolling development by profit, gradually expanded the scale of breeding, many automatic poultry equipment on the market at present, has got the chicken farmers. The automatic equipment of poultry farming realizes the high automation control of the whole production process, and it can also improve the efficiency of poultry production and effectively save the manpower and material resources.

H-type chicken battery cage systems for poultry farms

Automation poultry system of chicken farming

Poultry can enjoy feeding, drinking water and excrement cleaning when they live in chicken cages. This can not only keep the feed, water and eggs clean, but also prevent the chicken from being disturbed, maintain a quiet environment, and make the chicken produce eggs stably and evenly.

Automatic feeding, drinking water, dejecta removal, wet curtain cooling, centralized management, automatic control, saving energy consumption, reducing the cost of artificial breeding, and greatly saving the breeding efficiency of farmers.

Under this mechanized breeding mode, the breeders can automatically feed, take eggs, defecate, ventilate, control the temperature and humidity in the room, light intensity time, spray disinfectants and add soluble drugs in drinking water.

Use the space of the chicken house effectively

Chicken coops can effectively maximize the space of poultry farms. This is a good choice for farmers with limited space. Even if the area of the chicken house is limited, the cage can achieve higher feeding density. With the help of the poultry cage, you can get at least 3 times of the income from the poultry farm.

In addition, the optimal solution is to expand the number of poultry without building a new chicken house.

Get high-quality eggs and meat

The living and breeding environment of poultry is related to the quality of final eggs and chicken. Poultry cages can properly adjust the temperature, sunshine and temperature, so that chickens can grow fast and well. And the use of automatic feeding and drinking equipment can supply sufficient and clean water. And eggs can also be cleaned at any time, reducing the damage of eggs.

H-type chicken battery cage systems for poultry farms

Effectively reduce diseases

The battery chicken cage of poultry farming can prevent epidemic diseases and reduce poultry diseases since ancient times. Chickens live in cages without people, and direct contact with feces can reduce the chance of disease infection.

The automatic poultry manure cleaning system is installed under each layer of chicken cage. The chicken droppings fall directly on the feces board, and then just click the Anton button to remove the droppings from the chicken house. Poultry farmers can dry their excrement and finally bring in a profit.

Chicken cages makes poultry breeding more efficient
At present, there are mainly battery chicken cage, flat plate and free range breeding methods. Large and medium-sized poultry breeding projects mainly choose battery cage of poultry framing There are mainly two kinds of breeding methods of chicken cages: ladder type and cascade type.
The mode of poultry farming cages is mainly adopted in the way of high density feeding. This approach reduces the contact between poultry and feces, helps to control disease, and increases the density of feeding, reducing the size of the area . The cage chicken equipment according to its section type has the laminated type, the half step type. The number of cages can be single, double and triple, up to eight floors. Breeding hens, laying hens, and broilers all have their own cages.

Automatic laminated cage farming equipment is closed farming, automatic feeding and drinking, defecation, automatic temperature control, ventilation, control light. Generally, there are 4 ~ 8 layers of equipment. The higher the number of layers, the larger the breeding quantity. Poultry breeding density, environment control, is a large-scale, intensive health production systems in the construction of more suitable for feeding, long service life, high space utilization, cascading than step-wise way of caged in lower than egg and egg production cost has a certain advantage.

Now we can know that automatic poultry farming equipment is useful for the poultry industry, the equipment is the key to build a chicken farm to pay a fully automated, can effectively save manpower resources, create more wealth. Farmers can make investments based on the truth of the chicken farm, and rationally improve infrastructure construction and equipment investment. We are an excellent poultry breeding equipment manufacturer and supplier with advanced and complete production lines as well as strong technical team. Our products are exported all over the world and we have designed and manufactured poultry breeding equipment to meet the needs of our customers one after another. Reduce the investment risk of customers, so that customers in the shortest possible time to obtain high-yield, highly praised by customers.

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